Today's Opinions

  • Loved story about homelessness

    To the editor:
    I can’t say I enjoy reading about the homeless, but it touches me in a strong way. I’m 87 years old and a World War II veteran, 161 days of front-line fighting in a Sherman tank, 3rd Army under Gen. Patton.
    My last report was 25 percent of these homeless are veterans. Why? There are still lots of people out there who love and care for the veterans, but not enough.

  • Likes annual pumpkin decoration

    To the editor:
    Every year on Halloween, coming from Calabash traveling on Georgetown Road, there has been a pumpkin on a tree that has two branches sticking up on either side with a small one in the center with a pumpkin on it, except for last year. This year, I spotted it again.
    Whoever is doing it, I want you to realize people have noticed when it is there and when it’s not there. It has a certain mystery about it. Thank you whoever you are.
    Mary Benes
    Sunset Beach


  • The difference in those who want it all rather than give it all

    I saw something on Facebook the other day that really caught my attention. No, it wasn’t a free iPad offer or people posting random fruits or colors in hopes of expressing some cryptic message with their closest 700 friends.

    It was a picture, well, two pictures really, probably aided by Photoshop or some other photo-editing software.

    If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen it by now. Two photos, side by side, the first a group of what appear to be World War II soldiers, the second a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters.

  • Trust, but verify

    To the editor:
    Sunset Beach’s annual report contends the town has been awarded $1,350,000 in grants for its boat ramp. According to the town, that includes $500,000 from the county and $350,000 from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC). Not true and disingenuous at best.

  • Vote for Brennan

    To the editor:
    I’ve had the pleasure of serving on our POA board (Village at Calabash) with Bill Brennan for more than a year, and I’ve known him since I first moved here nine years ago.
    Bill has always been available to help out wherever help is needed. He serves on the town of Carolina Shores HOA/POA Advisory Board and is our development’s liaison between the town and our POA. Bill is knowledgeable about all six developments that make up the town of Carolina Shores and is well informed about their needs.

  • Sunset Beach parking

    To the editor:
    In response to the letter: “Taxpayers group protects itself:”
    The Sunset Beach Town Council realized parking on the island’s side streets was invading private property ownership and took appropriate action.
    The shoulders on these streets are only 5 feet wide. State law requires all four wheels be off the 20-foot roadbed to allow emergency vehicles to proceed safely. That meant two of the wheels and the car door opening and discharging of passengers were taking place on private property.

  • Liked column about couple

    To the editor:
    I live in Pinehurst but was recently down at our vacation home at Ocean Isle Beach. I happened to pick up the Beacon and was so touched by your story about the homeless couple. It showed a lot of sensitivity and compassion on your part. It made me think about the countless times I have been in a similar situation but was either too afraid to reach out or simply not trusting.

  • Dale is not the way to go

    To the editor:
    During a meeting of Carolina Shores commissioners, I made a suggestion during public comment. Gere Dale also spoke and said my suggestion was ridiculous. Let me tell you (using Mr. Dale’s own words) what is ridiculous: Dale is running for commissioner again.
    The last time he served, he supported and voted to give the then-assistant town manager a contract, which residents did not want and cost the town thousands to settle.
    Dale supported and voted for a change in the form of government for the town, which residents did not want.