Today's Opinions

  • It’s a RACE to protect animals

    To the editor:
    I voice my disappointment with the Brunswick County Health Board’s recent decision to delay making a decision to turn over adoptions at animal control to the private sector through RACE (Rescue Animals Community Effort).

  • What are you hiding, councilors?

    To the editor:

  • Taylor the Duck can move in at The Farm

    To the editor:
    You can tell Taylor the Duck (Muscovy) that his relatives are all at The Farm at Brunswick in Carolina Shores. I’m sure they would love to add yet another member to their ever-expanding family here at The Farm.
    Elizabeth Scott
    Carolina Shores

  • Supports marriage amendment, not editor’s opinion

    To the editor:
    In my opinion, last week’s opinion column by editor Stacey Manning degrades and demeans the Bible, and men, especially wealthy, bald men in such a way that is divisive and sickening.

  • Thanks for Arbor Day coverage

    To the editor:
    I would like to thank the Beacon, especially Laura Lewis, for the excellent coverage of the Arbor Day celebration in Carolina Shores.
    This town has seen its share of stories in the paper that have been less than favorable over the last nine years or so, and I believe we have turned a corner as to how we will be perceived. I for one wish to thank all who have made this possible.

  • Friends don’t let friends fight cancer alone: Local deputy battles cancer out West

    If you’ve never had a family member, friend or loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer, you’re either very, very lucky or you’re a liar.

    I remember back when I was in high school, cancer was something that your friend’s neighbor’s uncle had. It seemed so foreign.

    Then, when I got to college, it was something that happened to my friends’ mothers. It began to get more real.

    Year after year, it kept hitting closer to home until, last year, bam, like a smack upside the head, it did hit home.

  • Stay alert during Severe Weather Awareness Month

    Skies turned dark and winds picked up suddenly Monday afternoon in Shallotte. The familiar clicking of tiny hail stones bouncing off the ground soon joined sounds of heavy rain. The storm popped up quickly and after a drenching rain it was gone, leaving clear skies.
    Sudden, drastic changes in the weather like this help note the importance of Severe Weather Awareness Month, which spans throughout March.

  • Letters have reached a new low

    To the editor:
    Letters to the Beacon critical of Sunset Beach Mayor Rich Cerrato have reached a new low.
    As a person who is handicapped, I was highly offended by the writer who said, “As mayor, he interrupts council members while they are speaking; he seems incapable of following the agenda; and it appears he cannot hear or is asleep during council discussion.”