Today's Opinions

  • What is the meaning of life?

    To the editor:
    What is the meaning of life? I saw a bumper sticker that read “The one who dies with the most toys wins.” I would ask, wins what?
    If you base your answer strictly on personal achievements in this life only, will your life count? Can you think of anything worse than at judgment to have your creator say “Depart from me; I never knew you.” That would amount to a total loss of the meaning of life.

  • Stop beating up Sunset Beach town council

    To the editor:
    As a Sunset Beach resident I am distressed the Beacon is constantly beating the negative drum about my town and never seems to accentuate the positives.
    You lecture our town council and yet you fail to notice that the five council members do work well together. Do they sometimes have differences of opinion? Of course, but I think that encourages healthy debate and leads to the best possible compromise.

  • Support Hope Harbor and cheer on Tom Hunter

    Tom Hunter has a big heart and a big love for Harleys.
    The almost-70-year-old Ocean Isle Beach resident recently left Brunswick County for Las Vegas. He won’t be there to spend money; he’s there to raise it.
    During the next week or so Hunter will join other motorcycle enthusiasts on a 6,000-mile journey to New York. Along the way the Hope Harbor Home board member wants to raise funds for Hope Harbor.

  • Glenda Ansley was devoted advocate for children

    While Glenda Ansley lost her brave battle against breast cancer last weekend, her legacy here in Brunswick County will live on.
    Those who knew and loved her say Ansley was a tireless advocate for the county’s young people. She always put them and others before herself, believing deeply in second chances.
    Ansley played a huge role as coordinator for Brunswick County Teen Court. In that role, Ansley said it was her goal to try to reach children early on to help save them, the community and our schools.

  • Farewell, Brunswick County, and thank you for the chance to bring you your news

    After more than six years, 2,040 stories, 196 opinion columns, countless crime reports and one ejection from a public meeting, my time here at The Brunswick Beacon is winding down.

    This Friday, Aug. 3, will be my last day at the Beacon, where I have spent the past six years and three months trying my damnedest to bring you the news—first, right and, frankly, better than anyone else.

  • Brunswick Angels second in state tourney

    Staff Report

    The Brunswick County Dixie Angels (ages 9-10) softball team finished second in the state tournament in Eden.
    After opening the tourney with two victories, Brunswick lost 11-0 on July 16 to Rockingham.
    “My catcher Morgan Barbee was slid into hard at home plate and broke her right arm,” coach Wayne Branch said.

  • Appalled by antics in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:
    When I read the Beacon each week, I am consistently appalled by the reports of the actions of our town government. It is time for the governing officials of the town of Sunset Beach to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the positions to which they were elected.
    Ladies, pull in your cat-claws.
    Gentlemen, drop that cocked leg you’ve been using to mark your territory.

  • Homelessness hits home

    To the editor:
    We are tired of hearing there aren’t homeless in Brunswick County. They are there if you look.
    In large cities, the federal government identifies homelessness based on the number reporting to shelters. With no overnight shelter, federal and local governments don’t have a way of knowing how many people are homeless.