Today's Opinions

  • Nap time

    I’m ready for a nap.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love summertime.

    But for many locals, summer means lots and lots of long hours working.

    After struggling to keep my eyes open on deadline day and burning the candle at both ends I stopped at a local coffee shop in Ocean Isle Beach. There owners have a magic elixir that keeps me bouncing on days I fight the sandman—a large iced caramel macchiato.

  • Sheriff’s office takeover is proving good for animal services

    It’s a completely different place.
    It’s not so sad to go there anymore.
    Even the dogs are better behaved in their kennels.
    Volunteers are making a world of difference.

    These are things people are saying about changes at the county animal shelter.
    In July, the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office took over operations and renamed the agency Brunswick County Animal Protective Services.
    It was clear early on things were going to be different.

  • Thanks for helping nonprofits at concerts

    To the editor:
    Wednesday nights in Sunset Beach this summer have provided great entertainment. Music, food and dancing was brought to attendees by a group of merchants in Sunset Beach while offering six nonprofits the opportunity to introduce themselves and their cause to the community.
    Attendees have been introduced to The First Tee, Sunset Beach Turtle Patrol, American Legion, Brunswick Family Assistance, Street Reach and Paws-Ability.

  • Appalled by Senate Bill 820

    To the editor:
    I am appalled at the passage of North Carolina legislature’s Senate Bill 820 that legalizes hydro-fracking in this state. It appears this is a “done deal” for the following reasons:
    1. Ray Covington has been appointed to the “conservationist” seat on the fracking board. He owns N.C. Oil & Gas, which is bribing landowners with bonus payments and royalties if they let him drill on their land. This smacks of conflict of interest to me, as his company stands to make mega-bucks on fracking operations.

  • Put beach safety first in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:
    Sunset Beach needs to act immediately to ensure the safety of people on the beach.
    Occasionally, emergency vehicles cannot leave over one dune and have difficulty crossing another. Disabled people using golf carts are not assured safe passage over the dunes on those accesses.
    For 10 years, the town let mountains of sand build up over the wood ramps on the emergency accesses at the east end and near the gazebo. Usage is no longer guaranteed.

  • It’s time to move away from this shame

    To the editor:
    Come Nov. 6, the congressional cones of uncertainty and silence will change with vigor. The Chicago thugs will be out on their ears to include their well-documented intimidation techniques.

  • It's 5 a.m.—do you know where you are and why you're up?

    I had awakened at my usual pre-dawn-Tuesday hour to get some things accomplished. It was, after all, newspaper-drop-dead-deadline-day, a significant time of the week—every week, rain, snow, hurricane or humidity—here at the Beacon.

    While visions and sounds of the prior night’s Sunset Beach Town Council meeting danced and grumbled in my head—another story to crank out ASAP Tuesday—I cranked up the coffeemaker and logged onto cyberspace.

  • Curran will be missed

    To the editor:
    My husband and I were sorry to read about Caroline Curran leaving the Beacon for new ventures across the river; however, all good things must end and we certainly wish her well.
    Caroline is the most professional and thorough journalist I have ever known. We always read everything she writes. Caroline stands on her principles and freedom of information laws, which are her area of expertise.