Today's Opinions

  • Don’t hurt real estate growth with delays, Congress

    People who live in communities like ours know how vital the housing and tourism industries are to our livelihood.
    This county has been hard-hit in recent years. As the bottom dropped out of the real estate market, people in many lines of work lost their jobs. From service professionals to business owners, everyone has been hoping the market will soon rebound and jobs and cash flow will return to this area.

  • Find a solution

    To the editor:
    A good deal of concern was voiced at the Sept. 15 workshop in regard to Main Street parking (on Sunset Beach).
    Angle parking is currently widespread. Cars are being loaded and unloaded from the roadway, visibility of children entering the roadway from between parked cars is impaired, driver visibility while entering Main Street from side streets is impaired, and pedestrians have no place to walk other than in the roadway.

  • Open restrooms for the public

    To the editor:
    Raise your hands if you love Shallotte Riverside Park. If you are not sure which park this is, it is the one where the farmers market takes place every Saturday.
    I contacted Shallotte town hall about why the restrooms were never open except for the farmers market. I was told they would give it a trial period for them to be open the rest of the week.
    I am extremely disappointed my husband and I have been to this park on different days and times, never to find the restrooms open.

  • Thanks from CIS

    To the editor:
    Communities in Schools of Brunswick County would like to thank the Walmart stores of Brunswick County (Shallotte, Leland and Southport) for their month-long initiative, “Build A Backpack.”
    Along with designating an area in each store where community members could donate school supplies, Walmart graciously donated student backpacks. Students who could not otherwise afford supplies were able to receive a backpack filled with necessary items to start school.

  • Board members should use common sense

    To the editor:
    Had Mayor Selby and the past town administrator left the assistant administrator alone and let her do her job, along with the planning and zoning board, she would have had the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) completed by now.

  • Look ahead, never down?

    To the editor:
    What is it with these naysayers trying to put the kabosh on the proposed Carolina Shores Park Project? Their “against” presentation is flimsy at best. They begin by pointing out that only a select few occasionally utilize our tax dollar amenities.
    Though it is true relatively few residents utilize our pool, tennis courts, picnic and game area or attend our POA functions, I say to the nitpickers that we will soon have more places that just a few will occasionally utilize.

  • Liked story about tobacco farming

    To the editor:
    It was a very interesting article (Sept. 15 Brunswick Beacon) about the Grissett family and the process of farming tobacco. There are many of us who have relocated here and are not familiar with the local families and their ways of livelihood, but are curious to know more about this area we now call home and have grown to love. Reading about the Grissett family and their history in Brunswick County gave us an opportunity to appreciate the community we have adopted and the people who have always lived here.

  • Thanks to those who have served

    To the editor:
    It seems we are living is an atmosphere where we, the citizens of this great country, are quick to criticize our elected officials. It’s the American way. Whether it is national healthcare or a town park, if we are against it, we want the issue put on a ballot for a vote.