Today's Opinions

  • Christmas money buys free meals for hungry customers

    “It’s my Christmas present,” Betty Brown says of the free holiday meals she cooked for two days and gave out last Thursday to customers at the Minuteman convenience store in Sunset Beach.

    For the past seven years, Brown, who manages the store, has taken the money her husband Tom gives her for Christmas and uses it to buy food she cooks to serve customers.

    This year’s big day was Thursday, Dec. 20, at the store at the corner of Beach Drive and N.C. 904.

  • A nation at war with itself marks a tragic year of shooting deaths

    Twenty children. Six adults. One deranged shooter.

    I am in shock. How could something like this happen at an elementary school? This is an act of war, a crime of terror.

    Twenty kindergarten and first-grade students.

    Their biggest crimes in life couldn’t have been much worse than not making a bed or taking out the trash when their parents asked.

    Photos of the slain bring tears to my eyes. There is nothing more precious than an innocent child, and they became lambs to a slaughter.

  • Faith restored

    To the editor:
    Late Friday night, Dec. 14, while driving to my home in Shallotte, I witnessed something that restores my faith in the younger generation.
    Standing on the sidewalk in front of McDonald’s in Shallotte were five teenagers in a silent memorial to the horrific murders at the school in Connecticut. Both boys and girls stood there quietly with lit candles, paying their silent tribute to the victims of the brutal, senseless killings.

  • Should be only bliss at Christmas

    To the editor:
    We will soon have another Christmas,
    One person removed all of the bliss.
    Adequate father figure, he did lack
    And rest of society, soon did attack.
    From 20 families, he just set free,
    Those meaning the world to you and me.
    So full of youth with very fine faces
    Caused death and each one disgraces.
    Deaths do represent his lonely life,
    Which was full of sorrow with strife.
    In all of society, he could never succeed.

  • What’s the message here?

    To the editor:
    Did anyone address the irony of having the first full-page inside cover ad in your Real Women of Brunswick County supplement an ad for a plastic surgeon?
    Carl Evanoff

  • Thank you

    To the editor:
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people from St. John’s, Cedar Grove and the surrounding areas for your visits, calls, gifts and prayers during my recent hospital stay.
    It was a comfort to know that neighbors collected my mail and papers. Your kind deeds served as a source of inspiration for me.
    My stay could not have been made more pleasant at Brunswick Novant Medical Center. The doctors and staff were wonderful.
    I feel blessed to have friends like all of you. Again thank you and God bless.

  • Moves to watch government spending are good for town

    In this economy families must watch every penny they spend.
    Government must now, and always, do the same.
    Down in Calabash spending appears to be causing a rift on the town board.
    There is a clash among board members about how tax dollars are being spent.
    A recent disagreement has some board members calling for Mayor Mary Knight to be stripped of all of her powers.
    Others are calling it a witch-hunt.

  • People here love leaving doors unlocked as much as setting fires in yards

    You’ve got to lock your doors Brunswick County.

    The car, the house, the shed; all of them—it’s time.

    I’m not from here, but I’ve lived in North Carolina long enough to know you don’t want to hear this. North Carolinians love to leave the windows open and the doors unlocked almost as much as they love setting fires in their yards.

    But wherever I’ve lived in this state I have seen truly impressive strings of unforced breaking and entering reports.