Today's Opinions

  • Willie Nelson concert sellout sets milestone for BCC

    From all early-morning appearances at Odell Williamson Auditorium, the quest to snag tickets for Willie Nelson’s first-ever known concert in Brunswick County wasn’t exactly an overnight, wait-your-turn-in-line campout.

    But it was fierce and significant just the same.

    When auditorium director Mike Sapp arrived at the venue two hours before ticket sales launched at 9 a.m. last Friday for Nelson’s Dec. 7 concert, he encountered just one waiting man seated in a lawn chair near the box office.

  • Speak out against proposed insurance rate hike

    Brunswick County may be poised to take another hit in an already difficult economy.
    Recently, we learned our unemployment rate remained higher than 10 percent. We anticipate that number will remain near the same—or possibly increase—now that our busy tourist season is over.

  • Meet the candidates Oct. 17

    To the editor:
    Before Monday Night Football, we are challenged by the question: “Are you ready for some football?” Well, “are you ready for some voting?”
    By now, most of us have either made a decision on the presidential election or are doing our best to make an informed choice. However, when we step in that voting booth, we will be confronted with many other names and blocks to be checked.

  • Register comments for insurance rates

    To the editor:
    On Oct. 1, the N.C. Department of Insurance received a homeowners’ insurance rate filing from the North Carolina Rate Bureau for an increase in Brunswick County of 30 percent, effective June 1, 2013.
    In 2008, insurance companies were granted an increase for Brunswick County of 30 percent, effective May 2009.
    Our rates are already two to three times higher than inland counties for the same perils (fire, theft, etc.) and coastal areas have separate wind and hail policies.

  • Spin on park costs goes ’round and ’round

    To the editor:
    Re: Sandpiper Bay community/council meeting on July 24.
    Mr. Parker (when questioned about the $1.2 million): “Come to my office. I have it all laid out, estimated for each thing.” So, council member Karen Joseph and [former member] Len Steiner, it’s appropriate for town administrator Parker to use his office to disseminate meaningless and/or misleading information to serious inquirers, but not OK for me to share his data with others? To repeat a euphemism—hogwash!

  • Re-elect McIntyre

    To the editor:
    Whatever your affiliation, we all know that in the world of politics, experience equals clout. Our family can attest.
    My sister was a postal worker and was critically injured on the job, including a broken neck. Months later, she returned to work with the promise of “light duty,” but after several years was forced to retire and apply for disability.

  • Fired up about firing Congress

    To the editor:
    The unemployment level is too high, gas and food prices are spiraling and our grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be paying off the national debt.
    What is Congress doing about it? Absolutely nothing.

  • No basis for insurance hike

    To the editor:
    I would hope the citizens of Brunswick County would join me in communicating to the North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance that the 30 percent rate increase ($400 annually for most of us) in the property insurance premiums requested by the N.C. Insurance Underwriting Association is totally without merit.
    Our property values have decreased by 25 percent with no comparable premium reduction whatsoever.