Today's Opinions

  • Handicapped access needs to be provided

    To the editor:
    Recently I contacted the Dollar General Corp. to make it aware of possible handicapped law violations of their store in Holden Beach. I was sent a confirmation on the email, but a month later, the issue still exists.
    Several handicapped friends and family members shop this store, but it seems store officials use the handicapped ramp to showcase their lawn chairs, which in turn makes it hard for some to enter the store.

  • Thanks for making Sunset Beach stronger

    To the editor:
    Kudos to those Sunset Beach Town Council members who have worked so hard to take our little town to the next level.
    Beginning early in the year with the landscaping around the Mannon C. Gore Bridge, there are many visible reminders of improvements that make our community even lovelier to live in and visit.
    The improvements at the main public parking area are incredible and will be helpful to those using that lot. Adding a drop-off lane will improve safety and decrease the traffic back-up.

  • Recipients say thanks

    To the editor:
    The afterschool staff and children would like to thank the many volunteers from Brunswick County agencies, businesses, veterans and community individuals who donated their time and talent this year.
    We learned so much about the arts, health, gardening, cooking, camping, the life of authors, freedom for all, giving back through community service, respecting self and others, setting goals, kite flying, making ice cream, finance, preparing for the future through good grades, careers and more.

  • Enjoy your day, grads; you’ve earned it

    Hundreds of mortarboards will soar into the air this Saturday as students at North, South and West Brunswick receive their diplomas.
    For most students, high school graduation is a milestone and marks the official beginning of adulthood. Because we know adulthood can bring about certain anxieties and questions—such as where do I go from here?—we would like to offer the class of 2013 five bits of advice.
    First, graduation is your big day. You made it through 13 years of school to get to this point. Enjoy the day and your accomplishments.

  • From Batman pajamas to cap and gown, children grow up quickly

    By Angie Sutton

    General Manager

    It seems like yesterday when I was begging to get a pair of Batman pajamas off my son Cameron just long enough to throw them in the laundry.

    Now Cameron is a graduate of the class of 2013.

    We have all heard the sayings, “don’t blink,” “time flies” and “they grow up before you know it.” Today I truly understand those words.

  • Democrats are like Soviets

    To the editor:
    In case you haven’t noticed, there is a culture of intimidation throughout the Obama administration. They are using Soviet-style tactics, profiling, and threatening our freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of the press.
    The administration has turned federal departments into weapons against those who oppose Obama’s fundamental transformation and Democrat Party rule.
    IRS audited Billy Graham’s ministry because of its support against same-sex marriage in North Carolina, wasting thousands in contributions.

  • Curious man saw signs in person

    To the editor:
    Apparently, some people cannot read the signs posted on the attendant booth at the Sunset Beach Pier parking lot. I have read several letters to the editor complaining of persons being booted. So I decided to make a trip over to the beach to see for myself.
    There is a very large 4-foot-by-8-foot sign in front of the pay booth, wider than the pay booth itself with large bold letters: “Paid Parking Only.”

  • Visitors should read the signs

    To the editor:
    It was interesting to read the latest letter from someone feeling they were mistreated at the Sunset Pier parking lot.
    The writer indicated that the free parking lot was closed, which it was. She went on to say that they pulled into the Sunset Pier parking lot, and there was not an attendant on duty to collect the parking fee. This is quite possible since the attendant is not always present.