Today's Opinions

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    Last week, the North Carolina House of Representatives and Senate were in special session Oct. 4 and Thursday, Oct. 5.

    We welcomed a new member, Bob Muller of Pender County, passed a major elections bill, passed new districts for our judges and District Attorneys, and we overrode the governor’s vetoes on two important bills, including the GenX funding.

  • Recovering from illness as flu season kicks off

    Hello again! I took last week off from column writing for two reasons:

    One, we had eight letters to the editor plus guest columns that left no space for my column.

    Two., I was still recovering from a mystery illness that robbed me of the previous weekend. My parents thought I sounded so sick, they alerted my kid brother to come down from Wilmington and take me to the nearest emergency room, believing I was too weak to put up a fight. Fortunately, it didn’t come to that.

  • Thanks for best Sunset at Sunset yet

    Editor's note: Signer Jan Harris is a candidate for Sunset Beach Town Council in the Nov. 7 municipal election.

    To the editor:

    Many thanks to all who made the Sunset at Sunset festival in Sunset Beach on Saturday, Oct. 7, such a wonderful affair. It takes a great deal of time, energy and dedication to organize such a large event, and the Brunswick Environmental Action Team (BEAT) wishes to commend organizer Karen Joseph, committees and volunteers for all their hard work.

  • ‘Reading About Bleeding’

    To the editor:

    Was watching TV and saw people stampeding,

    And on you by others, they had been bleeding.

    They did suffer so,

    More than we know

    Changes in all weapons laws we are needing.

    The Second Amendment regarding weapons was made in the 1700s. Fine. People had crossed muskets hanging over their fireplaces. You were authorized a rifle musket and a pistol musket with powder and 20 balls. Those weapons were all they needed.

  • Time for our country to take its medicine

    To the editor:

    The refrain being heard since the horrific event in Las Vegas is: “Something ought to be done! But what?”

    The answer I submit is so obvious that it is missed by many and unacceptable to others.

    We are witnesses to one of the worst decisions in American history. Since prayer and Bible reading in our schools were removed, disciplinary action is not for smoking or spitballs. It is for crimes such as assault and rape.

  • Clowns war against icons

    To the editor:

    When I was a child many years ago, clowns were a source of awe and hilarity. There was Clarabell the Clown of the “Howdy Doody Show,” the Emmett Kelly hobo character Weary Willie and the wonderment of a half-dozen encapsulated clowns erupting from a psychedelically painted Beetle-like car.

    The clowns’ slapstick humor featured rear-end smacks from a loud cracking flat bat and an astonished audience recoiling from a large fire bucket of speckled confetti cascading over them, all beneath the tented canopy at a county fair.

  • Problem of underage drinking remains within our county and society

    By now, most are aware of the growing opioid epidemic in Brunswick County. Opioids cover a range of highly addictive substances including prescription painkillers, synthetic opioids and black tar heroin, and are abused by no specific age group, class, gender or race.

  • President speaks the truth for me

    To the editor:

    If you listen to the news, you would believe President Trump is the one being divisive.

    In reality, that is not true. Most times when he speaks up or tweets on a subject that everyone has been talking about, he speaks the truth.