Today's Opinions

  • BFA thanks Beacon for assistance

    To the editor:

    Now that the effects of Hurricane Florence are somewhat behind us, it is time to reflect on what was done right and how we did get through it all, helping those in Brunswick County who needed it most. Brunswick Family Assistance excelled even beyond our own expectations and the numbers we were able to serve were beyond expectations.

  • Country seems torn between pair of rivals

    To the editor:

    It is either “or” or either “and.” A senior fellow at an institute for the study of statesmanship and political philosophy, after earning a degree in social studies for six years, wrote about modern liberalism and predicted it would go out of business or be forced to radicalize. If the latter was chosen, it could radicalize along two lines: toward socialism or toward an increasingly post-modern form of leadership, and today it is doing both.

  • Are you satisfied with your life?

    Are you satisfied with your life?

    To the editor:

    On July 21, 1865, at 6 p.m., Wild Bill Hickok shot Davis Tutt in a duel in Springfield, Mo. The event became known as the first real shoot-out in the Old West. Hickok then turned to Tutt’s friends, who had drawn their weapons, and said, “Are you satisfied, gentlemen? Put up your shootin’ irons or there’ll be more dead men here.” And they put them up.

  • Kriz column misses point

    To the editor:

    Lindsay Kriz’s column in the Nov. 22 edition completely misses the point. First, the remark, “If any of you kneels during this (Veterans Day observance), I will shoot you,” was not a joke, but a metaphor against kneeling for the National Anthem, and secondly, the audience knew this and that is why they laughed.

  • Carolina Crud Crusher goes national

    When illness goes around, the Crud Man comes to town.

    That’s the persona Shallotte pharmacist Brad Carter created this year promoting Carolina Crud Crusher, the cough syrup he developed years ago to fight and fend off the symptoms of cold season.

    The debut of Crud Man coincides with the medicine going national this year, with two major wholesalers carrying it and servicing more than 4,000 pharmacies nationwide.

  • You decide: are our taxes fair and our spending effective?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    Two topics of interest to most people are taxes and public spending. So whenever I find research focusing on these two areas, especially if they’re applied to North Carolina, I think it’s worthy of mention.

    Two new studies recently came across my desk fitting this profile. One looked at the fairness of state and local taxes for all fifty states and the District of Columbia. The second study examined the effectiveness of K-12 school spending, also in all states and DC.

  • Mark Haselden always ran it out, and I’m thankful he did

    On Nov. 15, liver cancer took my friend Mark Haselden away from us, the day after he entered hospice care. He’d beaten colon cancer before; he fought valiantly right up to the end this time, too. Through all his pain and suffering, he always had a positive attitude and never, ever lost his faith.

    I’m eternally thankful for the gift of his friendship.

  • Toy Run seeks more donors to help more children in 2018

    To the editor:

    Just want to say thanks to all who have supported the 26th annual Brunswick Toy Run so far.

    Because of the increased number of children who need help this year, we need to sell more raffle tickets for the golf cart/trailer package. The golf cart was donated by Pete’s Golf Carts out of Oak Island and the trailer was donated by A1 Hitch and Trailer based in Supply We still have 200 tickets we desperately need to sell. If anyone is interested, please come by The Sign Shoppe in Supply to buy one or more. They are $20 each.