Today's Opinions

  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year: back to school

    One of my best friends from high school asked me to review her daughter’s college application essay the other day and suggest any edits that would make it stronger. The girl’s a solid writer, but was struggling through her nerves to get it just right. I was happy to help — and even happier that this phase of my life was long over.

  • You decide: should the Fed be raising interest rates?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    Our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., is a beautiful city of wide boulevards, historic memorials and buildings and political intrigue. I was fortunate to observe each of these in person 45 years ago when I was a summer intern. My greatest thrill was being mere feet away from President Nixon and Russian leader Brezhnev during a state visit.

  • Brunswick Animal Hospital assists feline in need

    To the editor:

    I would like to send out a great big thank you to Dr. Jim Rabon and his team at Brunswick Animal Hospital. We have a cat in the neighborhood a neighbor found and claimed last year but never spayed. Of course, she had kittens a couple of months ago, and one of the neighbors and me agreed we would have her spayed if we could catch her. Over the course of the year, she has gotten to the point where I can pet her and pick her up for a few seconds.

  • Walden column on capitalism versus socialism misses point

    To the editor:

    After reading Dr. Mike Walden’s column in the July 26 edition, I was somewhat taken aback.

    His column was well written and thought out. Sorry, but he missed the point. Capitalism is a system of economics in which private ownership of resources is permitted, along with the right to transfer business for personal profit. It is opposite of socialism, which is a “theory” that goods produced should be owned, managed and distributed by a government representing the people.

  • SCC’s annual expo offers services and chances to serve

    After the frustrations of the previous week, it soothed my soul to attend last Thursday’s quarterly meeting of the Services Coordinating Council, known as the Northern Brunswick County Services Coordinating Council when it was formed in 2014, up at Leland Town Hall.

  • Using God to justify weapons

    To the editor:

    One of the most frightening things I’ve witnessed in our post-9/11 world was a televised interview of an Islamic extremist. The terrorist group he belonged to was trying to get its hands on a nuclear bomb. Asked by the interviewer why he wanted such a powerful and destructive weapon, he replied, “God told me to do it.” What could be more frightening than a religious fanatic bent on killing as many other humans as possible in the name of God?

  • Trump’s actions border on treason

    To the editor:

    “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” These words are more relevant today than ever. Citizens of Brunswick County and throughout America must make their voices heard and take action to defend and preserve American democracy, values and principles. We must work together to remove President Trump from office and to defeat those candidates who support, legitimize and enable him and his policies that are leading our country down the dark path of authoritarianism and despotism.

  • Trump makes America stronger

    To the editor:

    The Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well in Brunswick County. Recently, a letter was published in the Beacon about the U.S. threatening international trade sanctions against countries promoting United Nations resolutions to encourage breastfeeding of infants. I am not surprised most of the mainstream media report any story with incomplete information slanted against President Trump and his administration.