Today's Opinions

  • On Campus with BCC: The profile of a leader, vice president Velva Jenkins

    By Dr. Susanne Adams

    Guest columnist

  • You decide: how will the ’new NAFTA’ impact North Carolina?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    Who knew trade negotiations could play out like a best-selling thriller? The negotiations for a new trade treaty between the U.S., Mexico and Canada had a deadline of Sept. 30, which was a Sunday. I followed the news that day, and it was all gloomy about successful resolutions to several problems between the U.S. and Canada. An agreement on a new trade treaty had already been reached between the U.S. and Mexico, so as I went to bed on Sunday night I thought a three-country NAFTA deal was likely not going to happen.

  • Fair is fair for county storm debris removal

    To the editor:

    We are writing in response to the letter to the editor in the Oct. 25 edition, “County shouldn’t pick up gated communities’ storm debris.”

    We take exception to this letter. We live in a gated community and pay county taxes, just like any resident who does not live in a gated community. We don’t pay less tax than you, possibly more depending on the assessments of the individual house/property.

  • Accomplishments as president are what matters

    To the editor:

    The letter by Susan Bridges last week was a beautifully stated articulate reminder of why I ardently support this administration. Liberal hypocrisy is amazing.

  • Time to accept Trump as our nation’s president

    To the editor:

    Regarding the letter in last week’s edition from Susan Bridges: I am one of those she categorizes as supporting “racism, sexism, environmental devastation, the devaluation of standards and lowering our status in the world.” I can tell you I am none of those things. I am a free thinker.

  • Sunset Beach taxpayers deserve answers on dredging

    To the editor:

    At Sunset Beach, taxpayers are now experiencing the second town council administration where five council members cannot agree to inform them of progress and costs of a two-and-a-half-year-old Shoreline Management Proposal, also known as “dredging.”

  • County storm debris pickup stipulations reasonable

    To the editor:

    I applaud the decision of the county commissioners to include gated communities in the debris pickup as a result of Hurricane Florence. The stipulations were very reasonable and practical.

    I do wish the commissioners had agreed to reimburse, at a limited rate, communities that chose to have their debris cleaned up by private companies located in Brunswick County. This seems like it would be a win-win situation and would assist the county in completing the cleanup.

  • Shallotte public works performs good work

    To the editor:

    About four months ago I stopped a town public works truck to tell them about a pothole on Pender Road at Glade Street. It was filled in the next day with some temporary filler but as rains came and went that did not really last and caused a lot of sand and rocks accumulated in that area. The only reason I mention this is I ride a motorcycle through that intersection.