Today's Opinions

  • Vote in support of Marriage Amendment One

    To the editor:
    As I listen to the news, read the papers and talk with folks on the street, I realize there continues to be confusion and uncertainty about how to vote one’s convictions (whatever they may be) concerning the marriage amendment. Here are several things to consider:
    1. The following phraseology, approved by the General Assembly, is what will appear on the ballot: “Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.”

  • Don’t be biased, elect who’s best

    To the editor:
    The next president has a major job to save the republic, the economy and to see that our national security is the best it can be. The next four years will be the most important period of our country.

  • Watch where you’re going, Carolina Shores

    To the editor:
    I read the complimentary article by the mayor of Carolina Shores on the coverage of the Arbor Day celebration at our town. I am sure Laura Lewis is aware of the meaning of Arbor Day, but a little history would not hurt.

  • The whole issue is bigger than it appears

    On the surface, it may seem like a whole lot of digging going on in local town governments.
    Beach communities throughout Brunswick County are up to their necks in sand, and they’re talking about its impact.

  • Reality show freaks make the rest of us feel like neat freaks

    When it comes to spring cleaning and scrubbing and organizing my domain, I’d rather be chilling out watching “Hoarders.”

    It’s another one of those ingenious reality shows, airing several times on Monday nights on A&E TV, that can make us feel really special and good about ourselves.

    I mean, how can my cluttered little corner of the world compare to Barbara, who “trolls for stuff in alleyways and dumpsters,” to add to the hoarding pile in her million-dollar home where “neighbors look on in disgust”?

  • Who are we to define perfect?

    To the editor:
    If North Carolina passes Amendment One and defines marriage as one man and one woman, we will be making a strong statement that we view homosexuality and polygamy as bad, not just in our state, but anywhere and everywhere they exist.

  • Fire chief lit flame to get firehouse going

    To the editor:
    April 9 was the dedication of Sunset Beach Firehouse No. 2— a beautiful building—actually an award-winning building for energy and environmental design, a building of which the people of Sunset Beach and visitors need to be proud.

  • Tree City award should go back to Forest Service

    To the editor:
    It was nice that Carolina Shores celebrated Arbor Day by planting a tree and accepting a Tree City award from the North Carolina Forest Service. The mayor gave a speech on how important trees are in our life, providing oxygen for us to breathe and homes for many kinds of wildlife, while students from Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School and town residents listened.