Today's Opinions

  • The Bible is not a joke

    To the editor:
    If Christians are going to use the Bible to muscle amendments to our Constitution, the citizens of North Carolina should have an opportunity to test the validity of this holy book. There are many ways to test the Bible, but I suggest we use the criteria provided within the Bible itself.

  • Do something for this county and nation

    To the editor:
    Let the property owners in Brunswick County know that when things were booming, re-evaluation in Brunswick County went up for year 2007 from 200 to 400 percent.
    Now that the U.S. is almost falling off the cliff and when property taxes are killing investors, it is time to cut the valuation down to at least what it was in 2006.
    How do you pay outrageous property taxes, insurance, utilities and repairs when you can’t rent or sell the property?

  • Marriage amendment is bullying

    To the editor:
    Society has recognized the harm done to an individual who is discriminated against and is a victim of bullying. Unfortunately, it has taken suicide of young people to awaken us to bullying’s terrible consequences.
    We have initiated programs in schools to teach tolerance and acceptance. We teach children to fight bullying and to stand up for and support each other in a positive manner. We reach out to parents to teach tolerance and compassion to children.

  • Coach gets booted from game

    To the editor:
    On May 11 last Friday night, many others and I witnessed extremely bad behavior from a grown man.
    Seven and 8-year-old girls were playing a recreational game of softball when the umpire made a call that, apparently, the coach did not like. The coach’s team, by the way, was winning by nine runs. He was ranting and raving and acting like a fool in front of many little girls, including his own daughter. He was then thrown out of the game by the umpire, and then preceded to vandalize trashcans in the parking lot. The police had to be called.

  • Mission accomplished at what cost?

    To the editor:
    As a prelude, let me state that I am an 81-year-old male, a combat veteran of the Korean War and have personal knowledge of what losing a family member to war is like.
    I recently received two phone calls from pollsters, one Republican and the other Democrat. They asked my opinion of President Obama. My reply to both was that I thought he was doing a decent job considering the brain-dead Congress he has to work with.

  • Medical services for veterans are available right here at home

    A medical clinic for Brunswick County’s vast number of veterans was slow in coming to the area. There were times we wondered if needed services would get here at all, or if there would be enough options for veterans who live here.
    At 20 Medical Campus Drive in Supply, the Brunswick Count VA Outreach Clinic provides many basic healthcare needs for local veterans. In addition to a doctor, care staff includes nurses, assistants, a pharmacist, dietician, social worker and mental health provider.

  • Noun or verb, Supply covers lots of territory in Brunswick County

    It stretches across Brunswick County’s farthest reaches.

    From northern Shallotte to southern Bolivia in latitude, from eastern St. James/Oak Island/Southport to western Ash in longitude, the vast territory long known as “Supply” could well be Brunswick County’s largest city—if it was a city.

    Supply, N.C., which ballyhoos its own ZIP code—28462—is that area people usually refer to when it’s just too far out and not fitting to put a place within one of Brunswick County’s valid incorporated towns.

  • Mother's Day: What makes a mother?

    There are many ways to define a mother. Obviously, she is the woman who gave birth to you. But she is so much more than that.

    A mother is someone who protects us, guides us, loves us and teaches us.

    As I have grown into an adult, my relationship with my mother has changed. She has always been there; dependable and strong with love and patience.