Today's Opinions

  • Make a difference, run for political office

    Brunswick County is a diverse community that is home to people with a lot of talents.
    Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you know you have skills that could help others, but you’re not quite sure how to put them to use.
    Are you a planner? Do you like to sort through details and comb through information before you make decisions?
    Maybe you’re a visionary. Do you dream of how things could be better in this county and do you have viable ideas you think could become reality?

  • Mosquitoes can kill

    Every Monday morning and most Tuesdays since early May, I arrive to work with calamine lotion dried on both my ankles. Most days it is dried in a nice drip pattern extending below my ankle line down across the tops of my feet and in between my toes. This adds an extra special touch to my flip-flop clad feet.

    It seems on the weekends I am a buffet table for various biting critters, especially mosquitoes. It is nothing for me to have anywhere from 10-20 new bites. I have found the only thing that keeps the itchiness away is the calamine lotion.

  • Construction of hospital great indicator of things to come in Brunswick County

    As a reporter there are certain stories you become attached to. I try not to, but it’s human nature.

    Most of the stories I have become emotionally attached to involve some of the saddest and most horrific elements of humanity, and the people who are left in its wake.

    Such is the life of a crime reporter.

    But this time—this story—is different. Trust me, it’s a welcome reprieve.

    For five years, I have been diligently covering Novant Health’s quest to bring a new, state-of-the-art hospital to Brunswick County.

  • Voter ID is a good thing

    To the editor:
    Citizens expect integrity in our elections. Voter ID is a common-sense solution to protect election integrity and restore voter confidence.
    Sadly, our confidence has been badly eroded under Democratic leadership—remember they controlled the General Assembly for 140 years and there were only two Republican governors in the 20th century.

  • Doesn’t like school start time changes

    To the editor:
    Recently the school board made the decision of the staggered schedule for all county schools. This decision will affect every family in this county with school-age children, with only a small percentage having a say.
    Every single family who has to rearrange their schedules should have had a vote in this decision; this includes teachers, coaches and any other school employee.

  • Will terminal groins save our beaches?

    To the editor:
    An article appeared last week in the Beacon that asked the question, “Will terminal groins save our beaches?” The answer is no for at least two reasons.

  • It’s the same, worn-out mantra

    To the editor:
    The Republicans did not adopt an arbitrary 13 percent state budget cut, but produced a historic balanced budget that reduced taxes, protected teacher jobs and ended the temporary sales tax as promised the people two years ago and did so without the one-time borrowed $2.1 billion in stimulus funds from Washington.
    The demonization of Sen. Bill Rabon as wealthy and not concerned about those less fortunate and on unemployment is the same old worn-out Democrat mantra.

  • Amused by position on creationism

    To the editor:
    I was amused with Kevin Zelnio’s letter making himself a spokesman for Brunswick County’s parents and teachers in regard to teaching creationism. He is a resident of Wilmington.
    He speculates about an enormous reservoir of North Carolina evolutionary biologists and said, “Science builds upon itself.”
    I submit that before science can build upon itself, regarding evolution, it must explain how the first cell came into existence. Darwin said if it could be proven a cell is anything but simple my theory is not possible.