Today's Opinions

  • Are we still proud of this country?

    To the editor:

    In the course of the last few days, I am amazed and disappointed with the things people are supposed to do but choose not to or don’t care. 

    Many people don’t use their signal lights when turning. Recently, I waited at an intersection for an approaching car that turned right without a signal. When he got closer, I could see he was on his cell phone with one hand and steering with the other.

  • Why not donate park land?

    To the editor:

    Every week when the Beacon comes, there is always an article about the pros and cons of having a park in Sunset Beach.

    I know I’m dreaming, but wouldn’t it be great if the two men who own the land for the park donated the land to the town? We could name the park after them and everyone could enjoy it. We just can’t afford a park at their price.

    June LeCount

    Sunset Beach



  • Increase N.C. jobs

    To the editor:

    “Jobs, jobs, jobs” was the election cry, but now it is voter identification cards.

  • Ordinary workers are under attack

    To the editor:

    Those people who are cheering as politicians go after public employees should keep in mind that these same politicians are going after Medicare welfare for the middle-class, minimum wage (needs to be eliminated), child labor laws (let families decide), taxes on the rich (unfair to successful people), school lunch programs for needy children (not our responsibility), regulations on banks (interferes with capitalism) and Social Security (smacks of socialism).

  • Enjoyed reading writer’s column

    To the editor:

    Rachel Johnson’s (Beacon staff writer) column on how to cherish moments and make memories was realistic, warm and loving. 

    Hugs help people in good and bad times; it means you care. You are my kind of lady.

    Keep on hugging and caring.

    Mary Benes

    Sunset Beach



  • DSS board is going in circles, not forward

    Even though a new director has been hired to lead the Brunswick County Department of Social Services, the agency is still encountering roadblocks.

  • Attorney’s advice is step in right direction

    Calabash town attorney Mark Lewis sent a letter to commissioners last week advising them to release information about a possible property purchase—information that has been withheld from the public since the board met on March 8.

  • The Kindred Spirit mailbox

    I admit it. I have caught the fever—spring fever that is. I sit at my desk rolling around story ideas that will take my feet to the sand. Anything I can do to make the workday happen on the shoreline is exactly what the doctor has ordered. Last week, I had the opportunity to walk out to the Kindred Spirit mailbox on Bird Island to write a story for an upcoming “Island Living” special section of the Beacon.