Today's Opinions

  • Vote with your head, not emotion

    To the editor:

    We face issues of monumental importance, unsustainable debt, pending tax increases, illegal immigration, card check, trashing of the Constitution (and many others), but a number of people continue to concentrate on an issue put to bed years ago.

  • Supports Patterson

    To the editor:

    A couple of weeks ago, the governor declared a “state of emergency” because of Hurricane Earl. Most people would be surprised to know that under N.C. law, it’s illegal to carry a gun or any weapon during a state of emergency, even if you have a concealed carry permit. It seems to me that the best time to have a weapon handy is during an emergency. This law is another assault on our Second Amendment rights.

  • Mr. DeVita, tell the truth

    To the editor:

    Councilor DeVita, it is both absurd and insulting if you expect us to believe you without any explanation or documentation, that if we spend $4.5 million for a park, it will not increase our taxes or create serious financial problems for our town. Your letter to the Beacon editor last month, in which you also claimed the second fire station will maintain or reduce our home insurance rates, is also doubtful.

  • McInytre gets it

    To the editor:

    Our sports are a source of pride for our local communities. Sports unite us like no other events and draw out our American values of gusto and determination. At a time in which so many challenges face our youth, why not turn to our sports as a cost-effective solution? I wanted to share how Congressman Mike McIntyre is doing just that. 

  • DSS board must abide by open meetings law, even if members don’t ‘agree’

    The Brunswick County Board of Social Services either doesn’t know the law or is consciously choosing to ignore it—both of which are unacceptable. 

    We expect any community member who serves on a public board to know the North Carolina Open Meetings Law. 

    We certainly expect the board’s attorney, Gary Shipman, who is billing the county $275 an hour, to know the open meetings law as well as advise board members of it if they do not know it. 

  • You are cordially invited to the-can’t-miss event of the political season

    Please allow me to take a few moments of your time for a shameless plug.

    Strike that—in reality, this really benefits you, the voter, so this is almost more of a public service announcement.

    Do you have plans for the evening of Monday, Oct. 11? If you do, cancel them immediately, because I have a better idea.

  • Why support Pantano?

    To the editor:

    Why would the local GOP want to hand our congressional seat to the Wall Street-Goldman gang? What could a former Enron trader possibly know about raising pigs, growing corn or hauling in a fish net? 

    Is Mr. Pantano the least bit representative of the 7th Congressional District? Did you ever hear of him before the reports of premeditated murder charges and desecration of bodies of unarmed Iraqi men in his custody? 

  • Vote for Pantano

    To the editor:

    Very early this year, several of us urged U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre to hold a public meeting where he could listen to us, his constituents, and we could hear his views on upcoming legislation.