Today's Opinions

  • Thank you to alert motorist, AAA for service

    To the editor:

    We would like to personally thank the driver of a car who passed us May 15 about 4 p.m. on 23rd Street North as we left the Wilmington VA hospital and were about three miles on 23rd headed for Wrightsville Road to dinner. He yelled at us that our rear tire was going flat.

    We pulled into Southern Kitchen Design’s parking lot across from the UPS and he was right. AAA at 1717 23rd St. had us rolling within 50 minutes of pulling in and did a wonderful job also.

    Thank you to both. That’s what road service is all about!

  • Town should create, adopt code of conduct

    To the editor:

    As a prior 30-year Sunset Beach property owner, I am continually taken aback and ashamed by the continuous articles in the Beacon concerning the lack of professional conduct by Sunset Beach elected figures. What a disgrace to the citizens and landowners of Sunset Beach.

    Councilman Rich Cerrato’s latest outbreak of behavior continues to demonstrate he has an anger management problem. This behavior is a continual problem for all in the Sunset Beach community.

  • Facts indicate need for Jinks Creek dredging

    To the editor:

    This letter is written in direct response to Sunset Beach Town Councilwoman Jan Harris’ comment at the last town meeting that if the public knew the facts about the Sunset Beach dredging project, they would understand why she was against it.

  • Where there is smoke, there are fire fees

    To the editor:

    When you blow away the smoke, you will better understand the cause of the fire and the recent drama reported in the Beacon.

    Sunset Beach Town Council voted 4-1 to increase your fire fee rate by 45 percent. This rate increase is equivalent to a 3.5-cent property tax rate increase.

  • You decide: Is there a solution for the generational clash?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    In several states, teachers are protesting for higher salaries and more support for education, and those protests have come to North Carolina. At the same time, medical costs are an issue everywhere in the country. In this year’s session of the General Assembly, North Carolina’s lawmakers may debate greater funding for medical care, mainly through an expansion of Medicaid.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    The beginning of the 2018 short session of the North Carolina General Assembly was last week. We also rolled out legislation on school safety and water safety. Budget discussions were also being held at the highest levels.

    On May 16, we had 15,000 to 20,000 visitors from among our teachers across the state. We had a good discussion with a group of four Teachers of the Year from the last five years. We covered many of the topics in the education budget and in the news.

  • No getting softball out of my system anytime soon

    Friday night marked the first time in my life I wasn’t cheering for a Cleveland team.

    Unfortunately, the Cleveland softball players — wearing Carolina blue uniforms, as if to add insult to injury to this proud UNC-CH alumna — defeated our hometown West Brunswick High School team in what I believe is the lousiest way to lose: at home by just one point in a one-and-done tournament.

  • A lot to show for getting older

    By Lena Vaughan

    Guest Columnist

    On March 18, I celebrated another year on the planet, commonly known as a birthday. When we are kids, we love ‘em!

    I don’t remember a lot about birthdays as a young child. There were no big parties or trips to an amusement part. As we get older, wanting that driver’s license, etc., we can’t wait for them.

    I did not anxiously await them then, either. Finally, in my 20s, I came to enjoy them. Friends would take me out and we did what passed then for celebrating.