Today's Opinions

  • Real-time disaster information network needed

    To the editor:

    As impressive as the state and county’s response to Hurricane Florence was, there is one area concerning public safety that appears to have been overlooked: the public need of real-time information on flooding, road closures and other hazards.

  • Thanks to Cooke for helping out during hurricane

    To the editor:

    A great big thank you to one of our county commissioners, Martin Cooke. While he was driving around Brunswick County assessing the damage to the county from Hurricane Florence, he saw my car stopped and came by to see if I needed help.

    This was a very busy time for all in this county and I want to say how nice it was of him to take his time and push my car out of the north exit of Sea Trail.

  • Extreme weather changes tend to trigger migraine drama

    Every time there is a dramatic change in the weather, I’ll develop a sinus infection or a migraine headache — occasionally both at the same time, but always when I’m at my busiest.

  • Guarding against grandparent scams

    By Josh Stein

    Guest Columnist

    Grandparents and grandchildren often have a special relationship. Kids are used to getting away with a little more with their grandparents, and grandparents are happy to spoil their grandkids a little. Some con artists know this and are only too willing to take advantage of a grandparent’s love for their grandchild. This year alone, our office has received 124 complaints involving grandparent scams that have cost consumers a total of $147,100.

  • You decide: what’s the new outlook for jobs?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    A few years ago, a couple of economists made a big splash by predicting almost half of occupations in the country had a big chance of being replaced by automation and technology in coming decades. Unemployment rates would soar to double digits and stay there. The economists’ forecast revived fears of “technological unemployment” posing a bigger threat to jobs than any future recession.

  • Community is blessed with caring people

    To the editor:

    Neighbors helping neighbors has reached a new level! Walking home, I approached neighbors talking on their driveway about their experiences with Hurricane Florence. I related my lot was loaded with tree debris. I had filled my drums just clearing my driveway and a small piece of lawn and was waiting for a lawn-care provider to finish the job.

  • Thank you to all WBHS evacuation shelter staff

    To the editor:

    With the approach of Hurricane Florence, I remembered what happened with Hurricane Matthew when people who evacuated couldn’t get back home. I decided to go by myself to the West Brunswick High School evacuation shelter. It was a very impressive experience.

  • Editor’s note on candidate’s letter deceptive

    To the editor:

    The Sept. 13, edition of the Beacon included ‘Editor’s notes’ following a letter written by candidate Marilyn Priddy and another written by her husband Rob Priddy.

    The editor’s notes refer to Mrs. Priddy as “running against incumbent Republican Marty Cooke for the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners District 2 seat as a candidate unaffiliated with a political party.” This is deceptive and a disservice to Brunswick County voters.