Today's Opinions

  • Thank you, Seaside United Methodist Church

    To the editor:

    Brunswick Family Assistance would like to say thank you to Seaside United Methodist Church in Sunset Beach for its donation of $2,400 and for its ongoing partnership and support of our mission.

    BFA and SUMC have been working together for a number of years and the partnership we share is invaluable to BFA and the clients we serve.

    Thank you, Seaside United Methodist Church, for all you do to make Brunswick County a better place to live!


    Stephanie Bowen, BFA executive director


  • Warm weather returns with familiar wildlife

    A map on Springcasting, an online tool

    unveiled in January by the Cornell University Emergent Climate Risk Lab, shows we got a late start on enjoying consistent springtime temperatures this year, even though it seems like Easter was earlier than usual.

    This past weekend brought us not only beautiful weather, but also a seemingly lower pollen count. Both prompted me to open my windows at home Saturday to enjoy some fresh air and give my heating and air conditioning unit a breather.

  • I can do one better than a resolution, letter and phone call

    When the reporters at the Beacon (or The Brunswick, since one side of our sign hasn’t been repaired yet), cover a meeting, the story you see in the paper normally starts with the biggest news and prioritizes the rest.

    So in last week’s Brunswick County commissioner meeting story, the first thing you read about was the engineering study that recommended a reverse osmosis water filtration system was the best option to keep GenX and other contaminants brought to you by The Chemours Co. out of your drinking water.

    At a cost of $99 million.

  • How to avoid and report scam headaches during tax season

    By Josh Stein

    Guest Columnist

    We all get busy during tax season, and that includes the thieves who specialize in taking your money. While you’re working to get all of your information in order to file your taxes, it’s important to be on the lookout for scams designed to get your personal information or rob you of your refund.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    Our interim committees and select committees were in full swing again last week in the General Assembly. The first meeting of the House Select Committee on School Safety was held Wednesday, March 21. As a member of the committee, I was very interested in how we would proceed on this extremely important subject. It turned out to be a very productive all-day meeting.

  • Replace county commissioners who refuse to represent citizens

    To the editor:

    The citizens of Brunswick County overwhelmingly oppose offshore drilling. More than 250 of us attended the March 19 county commissioners’ meeting.

    Month after month, we travel to Bolivia from all over the county to re-assert that position.

    Thirteen of our 19 municipalities have now adopted resolutions opposed to offshore drilling. Citizens have bombarded our elected officials with letters, texts and phone calls, but our county commissioners are deaf to our pleas.

  • Pursue clean energy, preserve our resources

    To the editor:

    I would like to thank the 13 municipalities in Brunswick County, the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners and one Brunswick County commissioner, Randy Thompson, for supporting resolutions that oppose offshore oil drilling.

    At the March 19 meeting of the county board, despite widespread opposition to offshore drilling, four commissioners declined to vote on the future of this community’s precious resource, the ocean — the foundation of our way of life and livelihood.

  • Postpone gator hunting until reliable census

    To the editor:

    The problem of allowing alligator hunts in Brunswick County is that alligators here do not reach sexual maturity for about 12 years, making them the largest gators at the point when they can make more.

    And which gators are the ones hunters will want to kill? The largest ones they can find, of course!

    There is no reliable existing census of alligators, so we could be killing the future populations by allowing the taking of the largest.