Today's Opinions

  • Oath to defend Constitution should override personal distaste

    To the editor:

    No NFL football will be shown at the Calabash VFW Post. A vote was taken and the count shut it down. The disrespectful kneelers will be put in place. A member was granted the floor to speak: “This result needs to go further; we need this to get out there.” He is right.

    My vote was in the loser column. It was not a unanimous decision, but the majority ruled.

    If you believe the issue is not free speech, stop reading. Your mind is made up.

  • Remember congressman’s responses when casting ballots

    To the editor:

    Following the Florida school killings, I wrote David Rouzer asking his support to ban assault weapons. This is not the first time I have written to him and his replies have been either non-responsive or ridiculous.

  • Council cabal creates cabana quandary

    To the editor:

    For 37 years, I have been a keen observer of many changes at Sunset Beach. Before professional cabana companies began doing business, beachgoers tried to put up their own cabanas. Many came loose in the wind, blew down the beach or up into the dunes. Often, families left their cabanas on the beach overnight and abandoned them at the end of the week. Umbrellas are worse. They often come loose in the wind and fly along with a spear attached!

  • Unleashed dogs pose threat to beachgoers

    To the editor:

    A nice walk at beautiful Ocean Isle Beach is getting more and more nervous because of the wild running of unleashed dogs. Many dog owners neither comply with the town ordinance nor show any concern about public safety. When a big dog barks and runs toward beach walkers or joggers, the owners simply smile and say he/she doesn’t hurt, he/she is just chasing birds.

  • Sunday voting is not necessary

    To the editor:

    In North Carolina, we are blessed with an extended period of voting when compared with other states that vote only on Election Day in your precinct and another that uses only mail-in ballots.

    Brunswick County has 13 full days of early voting plus 60 days of absentee mail-in voting and 13 hours on Election Day. Our statewide election voting schedule accommodates those with schedule and transportation issues to find an easy way to exercise their solemn civic duty of voting.

  • You decide: is North Carolina keeping up with other states?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

  • Some stories begin with a bang, fade with a fizzle

    This year, I managed to make it to both the Ocean Isle Beach fireworks July 3 and the Calabash fireworks July 4. Both were spectacular! I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy some time off to celebrate Independence Day by participating in one or more celebratory events here in our community last week.

  • Fort Caswell plays host to first Rural Justice Food Summit

    By Chelsea Dunlap

    Guest Columnist

    From April 20-22, the Youth Ambassadors for A Better Community hosted their first-ever Rural Food Justice Summit in Fort Caswell. There were approximately 70 people in attendance and other youth groups, including A Better Chance — A Better Community, Youth Empowered Solutions and NC Field.