Today's Opinions

  • Next council change should be civil behavior

    To the editor:

    A new year, a new set of council members and a new set of challenges and growth in Sunset Beach: The voters have cast their votes and a resounding message was sent by those voters. I think there will be better balance to the elected council — one that was needed.

  • Thank you for successful BFA Christmas program

    To the editor:

    I want to give a giant thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers and board members who helped make our 2015 Brunswick Family Assistance Christmas Program a roaring success.

    This year, we were able to provide 1,123 individuals and 563 families, both in Shallotte and Leland combined, with food and gifts.

    The spirit of generosity and compassion was kindly appreciated by participants and by staff alike. Thank you for your time and service

  • Being on national TV is no ‘snap’ for the awkward

    Over the holidays, one of the most fascinating cases I covered as a cops reporter during my 17 years at the (Florence, S.C.) Morning News was featured on the Oxygen television network true crime show, “Snapped.”

    Other cases I covered have been featured on national TV shows before, but this is the first time I was interviewed about any of them. In October 2013, producers for the show came to our offices here in Shallotte to talk with me for the episode, which focused on the November 2004 disappearance of Randy Bratschi.

  • Thanks for playing

    Here, on the last day of 2015, the roulette wheel spun one last time and I was the staff writer given the chance to change your life for the better, in about 500 words, as we begin a new year. For anyone counting, we’re at about 47.

    My advice to you is to go ahead and accept that participation trophy.

  • Top tips for holiday gift returns, exchanges

    By Roy Cooper

    Guest Columnist

    While the weeks around the holidays are known as the Season of Giving, they also involve plenty of returns and exchanges. But last year, a Consumer Reports poll showed about a quarter of Americans who attempted to return an item to a retailer didn’t get their money back.

    By planning ahead and following our tips, you can make sure that gift returns and exchanges go smoothly for you and your loved ones this year.

    Read return policies carefully

  • Can we make sense of N.C.’s jobless rate?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    Economic statistics can be confusing, I know — I’ve been dealing with them as a professional economist for almost 40 years. While some say you can prove anything with statistics, I say, no, you just have to know how to interpret the statistics correctly.

  • Business dreams are ready to be reviewed

    By Dr. Susanne Adams

    Guest Columnist

    Entrepreneurs in Brunswick County looking for support to start or to expand a business may have a new place to turn for assistance in the future — on the Leland campus of Brunswick Community College (BCC).

  • New year holds promise of good times

    We’re not quite into 2016 yet, but I’m already excited about one big event coming up in the new year: Going to my 10th Duran Duran concert.

    Most folks, if they’ve heard of or remember them, dismiss Duran Duran as an ‘80s New Wave group made up of some British guys much too good-looking to be as talented as they actually are. Growing up, my girlfriends and I each had our favorite member of the so-called Fab Five. Mine was tall, dark and handsome bassist John Taylor, and posters of him covered almost every wall of my bedroom.