Today's Opinions

  • Democrats will destroy America

    To the editor:
    Watching C-SPAN regurgitate congressional hearings on abortion is enough to not only make someone deathly sick, but to wonder where we are and how we got here. Is this America in the year of reason and common sense or did we somehow move backward and adopt Hitler’s method of making the kind of race he wanted with the easiest expedience?

  • Doesn’t like flag attire

    To the editor:
    In the May 31 edition of the Beacon, there is a photo of a woman and her dog, both decked out in the red, white and blue of the flag of the United States. At first glance, it looked so very “patriotic,” until you see that the woman in the photo, wearing a pair of shorts configured from our flag, could be construed as covering her derriere, whether standing, or worse still, sitting. I find that completely objectionable.

  • Baptist church has long history

    To the editor:
    The new Oxford Dictionary of World Religions defines Bible Belt as: “The southern states of the United States of America, where the mainstream of Christianity is characteristically fundamentalist, stressing the literalism and inerrancy of the Bible.”

  • Liquor, liquor everywhere but not a drop to drink

    In case you haven’t heard, President Barack Obama and Co. are headed to the ever-important swing state of North Carolina for the Democrat National Convention this September.

    Charlotte will play host to the DNC beginning Labor Day, and it turns out some local lawmakers are concerned about their resources during their visit to the Tar Heel State.

    It’s not security resources they’re worried about. Their venues are big enough. And there are more than enough restaurants and hotels to give Charlotte a nice little end-of-season economic boost.

  • Before digging in Sunset Beach sand, check out new ordinance—it's the law!

    It's that time of year again in Sunset Beach—expert sand castle builders Steve Goodmuth, Karen Koebel and company are back at the beach digging and creating with sand. Or trying to.

    This year, it's a little different, though.

    Earlier this year, just before the usual beach visitation crowd descends and sand-digging season heats up, Sunset Beach Town Council passed an ordinance regulating hole-digging at the beach.

    Some people thought that was silly

  • Now is the time to be prepared for hurricane season

    Well ahead of the official June 1 hurricane season start date, two tropical storms have already been making waves.
    The first, tropical storm Alberto, brought little more than choppy seas, cloudy skies and rain to our area. The second, tropical depression Beryl, is projected to move through our area sometime Wednesday. The system will have been over land for much of its venture in our direction.

  • Thanks for new bathrooms at the beach

    To the editor:
    Thank you, thank you, thank you to the town of Sunset Beach and all our council members for installing the beautiful bathrooms at the beach. I had the opportunity to check them out today and I was pleasantly surprised. They’re beautiful, clean and spacious. I really appreciate the hard work that went into the planning and installation of the restrooms.

  • Safety should be priority on the beach

    To the editor:
    In response to Ms. Harrison’s letter on May 10, 2012, I agree with her comments on “Safety First.” I worked on the Sunset Beach Beach Patrol from 2001-2011. Safety was my main concern, too.
    I have a solution for our present situations. Presently we have 18-plus firemen in Sunset Beach. Two firemen or women could be assigned for 10 weeks to work beach patrol. As a matter of fact, one fireman was working on the beach patrol during the summer of 2010.