Today's Opinions

  • Banks are killing the real estate market

    To the editor:
    I think we can all agree the mortgage lending practices of our financial institutions are at the heart of the economic problems in this country. By lending money to those not qualified to pay it back has now resulted in a market flooded with empty, bank-owned properties. They proudly publish lists of the property they now own.

  • Playing possum is not a good, at-home game, even with Magic Mesh

    I type with trepidation early this morning in my Little River, S.C., living room, the back screened-porch door cautiously open to the sounds of light rain and a crow cawing in the distance for his breakfast.

    Things just haven’t been the same since I got lured in by my new Magic Mesh instant screen door, one of those As-Seen-On-TV miracle products that seemed to be just what I—and my cats—needed to survive summer.

  • Summer of the silver toes

    It’s summertime and “Jaws” stories abound.

    Before I moved to the coast more than 10 years ago, I didn’t have the same respect for the ocean as I do now. I didn’t know the intricacies of the waters and its inhabitants. It is important to take precautions with the ocean just like you do any other place.

    While I am certainly no expert now, I have learned a thing or two. One of my personal summer rules is no metallic nail polish on my toes. Well, OK, my toes are silver right now but that will change before I take a swim in the ocean.

  • Celebrate our rural heritage by buying local

    Here in Brunswick County where our beautiful beaches lure people from around the world to our sand and surf, it can be easy to overlook the community’s rich agricultural heritage.
    While sea-related ways of life are a dominant part of our history, so is the area’s richly diverse agriculture heritage.
    There are about 40 farms in Brunswick County listed as Century Farms. There are many more other farming operations—big and small—here, too.

  • President did what he said he couldn’t do

    To the editor:

  • Town council should apologize

    To the editor:
    I hope this council (Sunset Beach Town Council) has the courage and decency to express their apologies to the citizens of Sunset Beach, county officials and to Brunswick Beacon reporter Laura Lewis, who attended this regularly scheduled sewer meeting that the public has openly attended and participated and then was rudely asked to leave for no legal and justifiable explanation.

  • Thanks for featuring artists

    To the editor:
    On behalf of the Waterway Art Association, I wish to thank you for the wonderful feature in the Be Scene section June 7.
    Our membership is proud to have so many talented artists among us and your recognition with a feature will challenge our members to continue to excel.
    Some winners not featured include:
    First place for the Awards of Excellence: Pat Golden, “Tranquility;” second place, Susan Mauney, “Dear Simone;” and third place, Brenda Goff, “Gabriel.”

  • Learning about guns, turkey shoots and other Southern charms one shot at a time

     I’m hardly a sharp-shooter, and most likely wont’ be an expert gunslinger anytime soon.

    And while that suits me just fine, my boyfriend insists I practice my marksmanship, for safety, of course.

    It’s not uncommon for me to find a text message on my phone alerting me to a gun purchase, or a phone call announcing a family membership to a local gun range.