Today's Opinions

  • Volunteers make the world go ’round

    To the editor:
    The neatest thing about volunteers is they perform wonderful services and share their wonderful gifts, expecting nothing at all in return. Many days upon days, that is exactly what they get: Nothing at all in return.
    Brunswick Family Assistance sets aside one morning each year to host a private little party for our volunteers as our way of honoring and thanking them for their unselfish service and for the thousands of hours they donate to keep our programs going.

  • Take a long walk off a short pier

    To the editor:
    The United States Congress can take a long walk off a short pier. Now, that is not a sentiment of mine, but a characterization I find easily attributable to the most recent exercise of imperial power by President Barack Hussein Obama.

  • Don’t take away healthcare options

    To the editor:
    All politicians running for office vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act will not receive my vote. They don’t seem to care that close to 50 million Americans (1 in 4 adults) lacked healthcare in 2011.
    They seem immune to the following realities: the uninsured often forego medical care, skip vital preventive services and pay twice as much for health services and drugs as the insured.

  • Aren’t we better than this?

    To the editor:
    I believe all who want to vote should be empowered to vote. To achieve that, (based on my experience today at the North Brunswick High School early voting site), I am convinced we need to develop some “campaign place” protocols.

  • Was this a hate crime or self-defense?

    To the editor:
    Is there anything more tragic than the death of Trayvon Martin for himself, his family and of our entire nation? No one would want to lose a family member or friend this way. No one who is civil would want someone who purposely singled out a person of any race to murder and then to get off free.
    The question is: Was this a racial hate crime or self-defense? Who knows, besides George Zimmerman, the eyewitnesses and 911 operators?

  • Stop dumping on us

    To the editor:
    On April 10, 14 bags of leaves were dumped on Pirate Shores Drive between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
    The police were notified and came out to see us. They said we needed to contact code enforcement. An officer came and viewed debris and said he could do nothing and that we needed to contact hazardous waste management. Repeated voicemails from myself and my neighbor have not been returned. Apparently, no one in Brunswick County will help with this if you live in a rural/unincorporated area of the county.

  • Spinner pedaling into home stretch with fab anti-flab fad

    Prior to my enrolling in the BFIT program—Better get Fit Instead of watching Television, doofus—I was just a ticking couch potato with a questionable ticker and sedentary lifestyle.

    Sure, I relished my days in front of the Today Show, Dr. Oz, the 6 and 11 o’clock news, and tapping away at the computer in between, but that was January.

  • We all deserve to be happy

    To the editor:
    Before you decide how to vote on the Defense of Marriage Act, you may wish to consider what you know about your family and friends.
    Many of us have a brother, sister, niece, uncle, child or other family member or friend who is gay. We may not know the truth about that person’s sexual orientation. If we are socially or politically conservative, or outspoken against gay rights, our gay loved ones are less likely to have revealed their true nature to us.