Today's Opinions

  • Supports Mike Williams

    To the editor:
    On Nov. 8, I’m voting for Mike Williams for Sunset Beach Town Council.
    Mike is an experienced businessman and civic leader. Mike has spent 30 years as a resort community small businessman; he knows what it is like to meet a payroll and balance a budget. He has served on downtown redevelopment boards, tourism and travel commissions and as a chamber of commerce board member for 17 years. His professional background equals a well-qualified town council member.

  • Democracy is for sale

    To the editor:
    Democracy is for sale to the highest bidder, checks and balances are not working, and Wall Street has a powerful hand in preventing reform. People are angry. We are still waiting for Congress to tackle speculators who drive up cost of goods, strangling businesses, like the Mafia scalping at profits. If speculators are removed from the equation, utilities, transportation and goods will be subject to free markets again. This is how capitalism is supposed to work.

  • End ‘good old boy’ network

    To the editor:
    Sunset Beach’s candidate for mayor, Mr. Dunlop, is without the credentials required for a serious candidate. For example, he has not lived here long enough to know the likes and dislikes of our citizens; he just registered to vote this year; in the Sea Trail Membership Directory, he lists Connecticut as his home state, along with a corresponding telephone number; his platform for enhancing Sunset Beach is flavorless, as his recipe uses the same ingredients we’ve had to digest for the last few years.

  • Supports Bill Brennan

    To the editor:
    I have known Bill Brennan since I first moved to the Village at Calabash more than 11 years ago. Bill has served our neighborhood in many ways, from working on our village newsletter, developing and managing our development’s Internet, to serving on our POA board. Bill regularly attends Carolina Shores town meetings and keeps us informed about town business via the Internet.

  • Supports Russo

    To the editor:
    I’d like to remind Carolina Shores residents there is an election Nov. 8. It may not be a national election, but it is an important election. The way our town is managed depends on who is on the board of commissioners.
    One of the candidates is John Russo, whom I heartily support. He has been a dedicated resident of the Carolina Shores POA subdivision since 1994 and active in many ways that have benefited this community and town.

  • Vote for Cerrato

    To the editor:
    Now is the time for voters in Sunset Beach to move to a representative government by electing candidates who will act upon the will the people. Richard Cerrato is such a man. He has been the voice of the people of Sunset Beach, watching out for our interests.
    We do not need to elect candidates who are clones of the outgoing administration. Mike Williams told me on the phone he does not support referendums, supported the park purchase and the new fire station. Sounds like same old agenda to me...spend, spend, spend.

  • Supports candidates

    To the editor:
    As Sunset Beach voters go to the polls to vote on Nov. 8 to fulfill their civic responsibility, they should consider the following: Two candidates running for office have never voted in this town’s elections.

  • Meeting hurt town’s relationship with citizens

    They may be trying to help Shallotte business owners, but we think Michael and Paula Pease have done a disservice to the people of Shallotte.
    Michael, an appointed member of the Shallotte Board of Aldermen, is seeking election for an aldermen seat, while his wife Paula is a candidate for Shallotte mayor.