Today's Opinions

  • Remembering "The Help"

    To the editor:
    It all came to mind while watching the movie, “The Help.”
    She was a black woman (colored, back then) who came to the house by bus daily to tend to my year-old baby brother and do other household tasks. Though not required, she also helped me with my worst subject...arithmetic. She left by 4 p.m. so that she would be back within her black neighborhood before the curfew.

  • Costumes were in appreciation, not disrespect

    To the editor:
    I want to thank readers for letters about costumes worn during the premiere of “The Help.” I organized the party, and I want to explain why.
    After reading this story and discussing it, I was amazed at how many could relate to it.
    One lady who was raised during the time said to me, “I was raised by a black lady. She was family to me. And when she hugged me, I really felt love. I felt safe. There was nothing like it.”

  • 'Buying American' not an easy pledge these days in the good ol' U.S.A.

    Recently, I swore my allegiance, taking up the cause of a growing movement in this country to “buy American.”

    For one thing, I’ve been shopping at local produce markets. As far as I know, the stores’ crop yield this year still consists mostly of fruits and vegetables harvested on American soil, right? Except maybe for bananas.

    I also pledged I would not buy or wear any new clothes that weren’t bearing a “made in USA” label.

  • Outfits didn’t ‘Help’ anything

    To the editor:

    As a white woman, I was embarrassed and angry at the insensitivity of a few white women attending the Shallotte premiere of the movie “The Help” dressed in character for the occasion. 

  • Doesn’t like way people dressed for movie

    To the editor:

    I attended the opening of the movie “The Help” at Coastal Cinemas in Shallotte on Aug. 10. I am here to tell you I have never been more ashamed of white people in my life. 

  • Doesn’t like school schedule

    To the editor:

  • Where’s my fuzzy button?

    To the editor:

    Please tell me where to find the fuzzy button on my calculator. The same one Brunswick County used to figure my property tax bill for 2011. My property value went down $48,110, but my tax bill went up $94.92. 

  • Quit it with the trash

    To the editor:

    Come on, people. Quit throwing trash out the car window. We’re messing up the roadways. Set a good example for the kids and the tourists. Pitch it in a trash bag inside the car.