Today's Opinions

  • Tragedies remind us of rip current dangers

    Every summer, Brunswick County hopes for a safe summer without any loss of life in a rip current.

    In the first week of July 2013, when four people died within 36 hours after each of them was caught in a rip current, county and municipal officials thoroughly reviewed their policies, procedures and practices to ensure the very best efforts were being made to keep residents and visitors safe on our coast.

  • New rule in OIB to head off a hole lot of problems

    Sand collapsed on a man who was trying to tunnel between two 6-foot-deep holes he dug while vacationing at Cape Hatteras National Shore in the summer of 2014. He died after 15 minutes beneath the sand despite frantic efforts to rescue him.

    Although his is an extreme case of a common beach-going activity gone fatally wrong, Ocean Isle Beach officials do not want to see it repeated on their shores.

  • High school seniors should consider tuition-free law enforcement careers

    Attorney General Josh Stein 

  • District 17 House Update: From the Legislature by Rep. Frank Iler for 4.11.19

    Last week in the North Carolina General Assembly, we exceeded 1,200 bills filed so far, the House passed landmark legislation in education and law enforcement, and the House was digging deeply into the state budget.

    As of Thursday, the House members had filed 590 bills and the Senate had leaped up to 672, a total of 1,262. This may not be a record, but it had seemed as if there would be fewer bills than usual. So, this was a surprise, possibly spurred on by several bill-filing deadlines coming up.

  • Marvelous Brown’s Landing coverage brings results

    To the editor:

    I want to offer kudos and accolades of the first order to the Brunswick Beacon publisher Angie Sutton and staff writer Sharon Chance. They accomplished a much-needed feat regarding the repairs to Brown’s Landing.

    I approached Ms. Sutton in January with pictures and comments regarding the appalling state of the area. She immediately assigned Ms. Chance to investigate the issue. First, a marvelous history of Brown’s Landing was published followed by two follow-ups regarding the progress.

  • Tidal planning a way of life

    To the editor and Sunset Beach Town Council:

    Boaters on Blaine Creek can’t use their boats at low tide. I can’t even get through Blaine Creek on my kayak at low tide!

    Since the boaters on Blaine Creek must plan their activities around the tides, why shouldn’t boaters on the canal bay area and south Jinks Creek do the same? 

  • Blame the Sunset Beach bully pulpit

    To the editor:

    Councilman Benton’s angry snap decision to have me removed from yet another council meeting is an example of the bullying behavior he uses to intimidate anyone who questions his unsubstantiated, summary “I” statements and opinions.

    The Beacon has reported other victims: former Mayor Dr. Weiss, councilwoman Harris and Dr. Hilderman. 

    Mr. Benton has created the schoolyard environment of a bully who controls debate by truncating, reframing or summarizing when his personal view is questioned or opposed. 

  • Pray for another Great Awakening

    To the editor:

    During an event honoring Martin Luther King Jr., Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) cautioned the audience that climate change would “destroy the planet” by the year 2031 if people fail to address a generational challenge she likened to “World War II.”

    I agree that our planet or at least our country could be destroyed, but not because we did not give up air travel, cars, eating hamburgers or preventing cow flatulence.