Today's Opinions

  • Another act in Sunset Beach drama

    Sunset Beach was this close to seating a new mayor without controversy.

    Gregg Weiss, the lone candidate to apply for the post by the town’s deadline, seemed the ideal prospect for filling the vacancy left by Robert Forrester, who resigned to protest town council’s decision to fire Town Administrator Susan Parker.

    On June 6, Weiss appeared before all five members of town council to answer their questions and offer his vision for the town should they appoint him to fill the unexpired mayoral term through 2019.

  • Tragedies remind us of rip current dangers

    Every summer, Brunswick County hopes for a safe summer without any loss of life in a rip current.

    In the first week of July 2013, when four people died within 36 hours after each of them was caught in a rip current, county and municipal officials thoroughly reviewed their policies, procedures and practices to ensure the very best efforts were being made to keep residents and visitors safe on our coast.

  • New rule in OIB to head off a hole lot of problems

    Sand collapsed on a man who was trying to tunnel between two 6-foot-deep holes he dug while vacationing at Cape Hatteras National Shore in the summer of 2014. He died after 15 minutes beneath the sand despite frantic efforts to rescue him.

    Although his is an extreme case of a common beach-going activity gone fatally wrong, Ocean Isle Beach officials do not want to see it repeated on their shores.

  • ‘We’re racing against the clock to save lives’: An ER doctor’s take on the opioid epidemic

    Editor’s note: This week’s column is part of an ongoing series highlighting the issues Brunswick County faces in the opioid crisis. Dr. Ryan Jordanhazy is not a member of the Substance Use and Addiction Commission. 

    By Dr. Ryan Jordanhazy

    Novant Health Brunswick Medical Center ER Medical Director

    The opioid crisis is something emergency rooms nationwide deal with every day. Some areas are more affected than others, but I have seen opioid misuse and overdoses everywhere I have worked.

  • Suspect group writes suspect letter

    To the editor:

    We’ve all heard the expression, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” These days, too many political and trade organizations try to deceive citizens by choosing names that imply the opposite of their real purpose. For example, the Center for Consumer Freedom is a front group for the tobacco, restaurant and alcoholic beverages industries. The Global Climate Coalition represents oil and coal companies. The National Wetlands Coalition exists to oppose policies related to wetlands conservation.

  • Free meals for all students questioned

    To the editor:

    I recently learned that we would be providing free lunches to all Brunswick County school students — no documents required. You are getting meals. No “need” required.

    Come on, where is personal responsibility of parents? I wrote to the board of education four days ago and I got no response. More tax dollars, no accountability.

    I am all for helping those truly in need, but shelling out to all seems to be another overstep in government.

    My real beef is I got no response from the school board. Are they deaf?

  • Bring back cabana help

    To the editor:

    I have treasured my time at Sunset Beach for over 40 years. I am one of the owners of 1804 E. Main St.

    In my senior years (coming up on 80), I enjoy the beach in a different way. Gone are the boogie boards and long walks to the Kindred Spirit mailbox. But it is such a joy to plop my chair under a canopy and listen to the sounds, especially grandchildren at play in the surf.

  • Peace will guide Age of Aquarius

    To the editor:

    Unable to serve the needs of people, current political and economic systems around the world are leaving millions of people disenfranchised and demanding change. As many people look to the useless and tired ways of the past for solutions, the young at heart aspire to create a world of love, brotherhood, sharing, cooperation, justice, freedom and unity in diversity. Thankfully, at this pivotal moment help is at hand.