Today's Opinions

  • Thanks for fencing

    To the editor:
    I would like to thank Dustin Graham, Sunset Beach’s public works director, and the public works staff for the nice job they are doing with fencing at the future park site.
    The fencing is unobtrusive in keeping with the peaceful surroundings. Fencing may be an inconvenience for some who wanted to use the park site as a new place for launching small boats. Fortunately, a new ramp, soon to be constructed across the street from the future park, will take care of that need.

  • Appalled by comments

    To the editor:
    I was appalled to read the comments of Sunset Beach town councilman Wilson Sherrill, when he referred to the locals in Brunswick County as “local yokels.” I find the local community to be warm and friendly...anything but yokels. They have always been there for my wife and me in the 30-some years we have had our second home on Sunset Beach.

  • OWS: They’re thugs

    To the editor:
    When will the print and alphabet TV media wake up to what the Occupy Wall Street types really stand for and expose their actions? The media continues to push the progressive propaganda these thugs are simply voicing their opinion. The media calls it a time-honored principle of the United States, while grassroots people were branded terrorists and racists.

  • Commissioner says she was misrepresented

    To the editor:
    Twice recently, news articles in the Beacon have seriously misrepresented my work as a commissioner.

  • Loved story about veteran’s wedding

    To the editor:
    The pictures and article regarding Jake and Manisha Henthorn’s wedding on Ocean Isle were a treat.
    With increasing negativity about, it was truly refreshing and definitely worth a front-page placement. When so many now are asking what can my country do for me (see worthless Occupy Whatever idiots), this couple is forging their life while giving to others through their service and dedication.

  • It’s all about fiscal responsibility

    To the editor:
    Sixty percent of taxpayers supported my positions that were illustrated in the Taxpayers’ Digest, which was mailed to all voters. Taxpayers have mandated fiscal constraint, citizen participation and totally open government.

  • Remember for whom you work, elected officials

    When swearing-in ceremonies take place there will be some new—and renewed—faces in local elected
    In four of our area towns—Shallotte, Calabash, Carolina Shores and Sunset Beach—new mayors have been elected. There are also a number of new people who will serve on town boards.
    While elected officials are getting ready for new terms and soon a new year, we call upon all to learn about—and commit to—open

  • Evolution requires faith

    To the editor:
    Evolutionists believe evolution is a proven scientific fact. As such, it alone should be taught in our schools to the exclusion of creationism. The truth is evolution requires faith to be believed. Most evolutionists believe in a big bang about 18.5 billion years ago. This cannot be scientifically proven, and the belief in the presence of material to explode, appearing out of nothingness, is the kind of faith-based thinking that, they say, discredits creationism.