Today's Opinions

  • Why are our rates so unfairly high?

    To the editor:
    The following is an email I sent to my congressmen. I hope others do the same:
    Well, we here at the coast really suffered from Hurricane Irene. A few trees toppled and some branches off trees—the same things happened inland a few hundred miles, but those people did not get the exorbitant increase in homeowner insurance we did.

  • Head back North

    To the editor:
    To the ladies who were offended by some wearing costumes to the premiere of the movie “The Help,” may I offer some gas money, a compass to point you back North and a slice of Minny’s pie.
    Amy Tyner

  • Remembering "The Help"

    To the editor:
    It all came to mind while watching the movie, “The Help.”
    She was a black woman (colored, back then) who came to the house by bus daily to tend to my year-old baby brother and do other household tasks. Though not required, she also helped me with my worst subject...arithmetic. She left by 4 p.m. so that she would be back within her black neighborhood before the curfew.

  • Costumes were in appreciation, not disrespect

    To the editor:
    I want to thank readers for letters about costumes worn during the premiere of “The Help.” I organized the party, and I want to explain why.
    After reading this story and discussing it, I was amazed at how many could relate to it.
    One lady who was raised during the time said to me, “I was raised by a black lady. She was family to me. And when she hugged me, I really felt love. I felt safe. There was nothing like it.”

  • 'Buying American' not an easy pledge these days in the good ol' U.S.A.

    Recently, I swore my allegiance, taking up the cause of a growing movement in this country to “buy American.”

    For one thing, I’ve been shopping at local produce markets. As far as I know, the stores’ crop yield this year still consists mostly of fruits and vegetables harvested on American soil, right? Except maybe for bananas.

    I also pledged I would not buy or wear any new clothes that weren’t bearing a “made in USA” label.

  • Outfits didn’t ‘Help’ anything

    To the editor:

    As a white woman, I was embarrassed and angry at the insensitivity of a few white women attending the Shallotte premiere of the movie “The Help” dressed in character for the occasion. 

  • Doesn’t like way people dressed for movie

    To the editor:

    I attended the opening of the movie “The Help” at Coastal Cinemas in Shallotte on Aug. 10. I am here to tell you I have never been more ashamed of white people in my life. 

  • Doesn’t like school schedule

    To the editor: