Today's Opinions

  • It’s the same, worn-out mantra

    To the editor:
    The Republicans did not adopt an arbitrary 13 percent state budget cut, but produced a historic balanced budget that reduced taxes, protected teacher jobs and ended the temporary sales tax as promised the people two years ago and did so without the one-time borrowed $2.1 billion in stimulus funds from Washington.
    The demonization of Sen. Bill Rabon as wealthy and not concerned about those less fortunate and on unemployment is the same old worn-out Democrat mantra.

  • Amused by position on creationism

    To the editor:
    I was amused with Kevin Zelnio’s letter making himself a spokesman for Brunswick County’s parents and teachers in regard to teaching creationism. He is a resident of Wilmington.
    He speculates about an enormous reservoir of North Carolina evolutionary biologists and said, “Science builds upon itself.”
    I submit that before science can build upon itself, regarding evolution, it must explain how the first cell came into existence. Darwin said if it could be proven a cell is anything but simple my theory is not possible.

  • Responds to opinion column

    To the editor:
    As I read Caroline Curran’s comment section and her story on Mr. Warren, I wonder if she realizes what she is doing is very close to the promotion of racism.
    When you report half-truths and the ideology you have expressed in these two articles, you promote the hate and the divide in the races by what [you perceive] to be no harm but to minorities is very offensive and demeaning.

  • The Republican Party left me

    To the editor:
    In their oft-repeated quest to “take our country back,” it appears Republicans are doing just that— taking the good-ol’ U.S.A. backward by decades.
    Republican attacks on hard-fought gains in collective bargaining, education, environmental controls, immigration, financial regulation and healthcare (to name a few) are relentless and merciless.

  • Prisoner early release program needs to be eliminated

    James Stamper fatally stabbed someone 12 times.
    John Counts and John Gamble brutally murdered an 18-year-old Shallotte girl.
    Ten other men and women committed unimaginable violent murders and rapes right here in Brunswick County.
    They were all convicted.
    They were all sentenced to prison.
    And now, they are all free to live here, maybe right next door or down the street from you.

  • There are enough divisions in this county; race should not be one

    When I moved here, I heard a lot about a line that had been drawn in the community.
    You were either a true Southerner, born and bred to appreciate the simple things in life and a slower pace, like chatting with your neighbors over a glass of sweet tea while enjoying the cool coastal breeze.
    Or you were a Yankee—a Northern infiltrator who brought unappreciated wealth to a simple community, only to overrun it with gigantic houses in gated communities.

  • Winning Daytime Emmy just another day of drama for Calabash restaurateurs' daughter

    She was born Laura Sisk, which is a cool name, especially the “Laura” part.

    Then she got married and became Laura Wright, the name more famously connected with Wright’s eventual stardom playing villainous Carly Corinthos-Jacks on ABC-TV’s “General Hospital.”

    On June 19, Wright won the Outstanding Lead Actress award at the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Las Vegas. It was her first Daytime Emmy Award.

  • We all need Jesus

    To the editor: