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  • Starting next week, Beacon online content will be subscription based

    You may have seen the story on the front of last week’s Brunswick Beacon.

    On Wednesday next week, the Beacon’s website, www.brunswickbeacon.com, will return to a subscription-based news and information source.

    So what does that mean to you, our loyal readers?

  • Brunswick 365 Photo Contest calls for community submissions

    Just about everyone has a camera these days, and more than likely, you’ve taken at least one picture this year.

    Did you document the rare snowfall earlier this winter? Maybe you took a photo of your favorite flower in bloom during spring. Know of the perfect beach spot to catch a sunset? Do trees change colors as crisp, fall weather approaches?

    Show us what our county looks like by entering Brunswick 365, The Brunswick Beacon’s annual photo contest.

  • ONDBEAT: Typical summer drifts into sunset

    As another summer fades gently into the horizon (we hope; one that remains relatively hurricane-free), it could go down as one in which some beachgoers just weren’t paying attention.

    Though signs are posted prominently at both ends not to use the emergency beach strand thruway in Sunset Beach, some people still did not believe and used it.

    Local emergency workers spent much of their summertime at the beach fairly amazed at the number of “illiterate” people who chose to take this path less traveled (not to mention illegal).

  • Thanks for event support

    To the editor:

    Each of the last seven years, we gather as members of the Calabash Lions Club with other clubs. This year we gathered with members of the Calabash VFW Post 7288, Calabash American Legion Post 503, Shallotte Lions Club and other neighbors to remember the almost 3,000 innocent victims that day of an act of terrorism. We stood united and waved our flags and read the names of all who were victims. 

  • Out with old

    To the editor:

    According to Ms. Altreuter, Mike McIntyre has “anxiety” about getting re-elected in “a mostly Republican state.” 

    How can this be, since a Democrat has held the office of governor since 1993 and Democrats have controlled the state senate for 100 years and have the majority in the General Assembly? 

  • No to mosque

    To the editor:

    We hear so much today about rights. I have a right to do this; you have a right to do that. My dad often reminded me: “With rights come responsibilities.” Such responsibilities are often neglected by those who scream the loudest about their rights. This can be seen day in and day out throughout the United States and the world.

  • A Patriot Party

    To the editor:

    I do not watch TV. I do not watch Glenn Beck. However, I did watch his speech at the Lincoln Memorial. His main point was that Americans need to, first, make sure we are in a right relationship with God. We need to ask God to fill us with His hope, peace, and charity, and share that hope, peace, and charity with our family, our community, and ultimately, the whole world.

  • Small group wants bridge saved

    To the editor:

    Thousands of residents oppose the acquisition of the land and retention of the old bridge house. It would be of no benefit to Sunset Beach to spend $3.75 million on 5 acres, a cost factor too high. What would be accomplished? A boat ramp is not far away.