Today's Opinions

  • Don’t fall for the quick fix

    By Josh Stein

    Guest Columnist

    Spring cleaning sometimes leads to spring home repairs. Updating or fixing your home can be stressful. There are many decisions to make and, of course, you want to make sure that any work done on your home is done well and lasts.

  • This is a call for cookies

    Last week’s edition of The Brunswick Beacon had a notice announcing the Girl Scouts North Carolina Coastal Pines scouts who sold the most cookies in this area this year.

    It went on to say the Coastal Pines Girl Scouts average number of boxes sold per girl was 261.

    I want to send this message out to the second- or third-place finisher or, heck, even the winner if she is looking to clean up again next year.

    If you want to increase your sales, don’t overlook the Beacon, or its staff. Or more specifically, me.

  • You decide: What is causing the stock market to worry?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Column

    I’m fond of telling this story about the late Nobel

    Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman. At one of his public lectures, Friedman was asked to give a forecast for the stock market. Before answering, the heralded economist said he had developed a model for predicting the stock market, and he had recently re-calibrated the model using the latest information; therefore, he had fresh forecasts.

  • Thanks to Hickman for great column

    To the editor:

    How refreshing to read such a great and honest golf column as written by Sports Editor Sam Hickman in the April 12 edition.

    I was so impressed because unlike the sports “expert” writers shilling for the great one in major media outlets and predicting him being the Masters winner but ended up tied for 28th, Mr. Hickman was honest to admit he was wrong — something unheard of today.

    One of the best golf columns I’ve ever read, and that’s covering 35 years as a golfer!

    Robert J. Wieland

  • Sunset Beach citizens deserve details on town’s ‘new direction’

    To the editor:

    We heard the rumors and with “say it isn’t true” in our hearts, we went to the Sunset Beach Town Council meeting. It was true.

    While Susan Parker stood with grace and dignity in the back after the closed session, we listened to residents speak on her behalf. From former council members, to citizens, each told of their personal experiences with Parker and her positive effect she made to our town as its administrator. The vote was taken and, as a result, our mayor resigned and our finance director took early retirement.

  • Seismic testing, offshore drilling risks intolerable

    To the editor:

    Eight years ago, we began watching video of oil gushing into the Gulf. We watched in agony for 87 days.

    BP is still paying for remediation, claimed as tax deductions. No one was jailed for causing the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.

  • Cabana Anna was an excellent local business

    To the editor:

    Thank you to Ann McNally of the former Cabana Anna business. I was working at one of the Sunset Beach rental companies when they began their rentals and they did an excellent job.

    In his March 29 letter, Sunset Beach Town Councilman Rich Cerrato started his comments about the origin of the town’s cabana issue with “reportedly,” as if he didn’t want to take ownership of the sentence.

    Lin Penta

    Carolina Shores

  • Sunset Beach needs a clear answer on firing

    To the editor:

    In his April 12 letter, Jim Thomas wrote: “I am fully confident there were excellent reasons for (Sunset Beach Town Administrator Susan) Parker’s dismissal by the town council, which cannot legally be disclosed to the public.”

    Mayor Robert Forrester, councilman John Corbett and I were given no warning of the plan by council members Mark Benton, Rich Cerrato and Jan Harris to fire Parker before someone contacted me directly about it March 2.