Today's Opinions

  • Neither intelligent nor community

    To the editor:

    May I go back, back to the land of secrets, intelligence, leaking, classifications and any and all forms of espionage and the media? God will help us to understand and our neighbors will understand because they are God-fearing. Right? Believe this and I will sell you oceanfront property in Kansas.

  • Failure to vote would lead to nation’s collapse

    To the editor:

    The only time 99,096 residents in Brunswick County are totally equal is at the ballot box. The Brunswick County Board of Elections reported that just 10.1 percent (10,008 ballots) were cast by the 99,096 eligible voters in the county during the recent 2018 primary election.

    In spite of efforts by the elections board to expand voting hours, locations, early voting, one-stop voting and even Saturday voting in the four satellite locations, only 10.1 percent chose to be equal.

  • Jinks Creek dredging facts

    To the editor:

    Patricia and Tony DelDuca presented facts in their letter published in last week’s edition regarding dredging in Sunset Beach. The feeder/finger canals should be dredged. In discussing Jinks Creek there are other facts that need to be addressed.

  • Dredging high ‘Jinks’

    To the editor:

    When politics and personal interests interfere with rational governing, those who suffer are the taxpayers. The dredging issue at Sunset Beach is a perfect example.

    For years, homeowners on the finger and feeder canals have been anxiously awaiting maintenance dredging of the canals adjacent to their properties. That dredging needs to be done and it needs to be done now.

  • ‘A Prayer for Our Veterans’

    To the editor:

    I thought it would be nice if you printed “A Prayer for Our Veterans” (author unknown) in the letters to the editor column for Memorial Day:

    Oh God, Our Heavenly Father,

    You have blessed us with

    brave men and women

    who are willing to defend our freedom.

    May Your protection and grace

    surround them each day.

    Let Your healing hand be upon those

    who suffer wounds and injuries.

  • An everyday hero’s story, a reminder for all motorists

    Travis Brown and his dad were in their pickup the afternoon of May 23 when they saw a small SUV run a stop sign and smack the back end of a golf cart at 24th Avenue North and Ye Old Kings Highway in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

    The impact spun the golf cart, flinging its female passenger into the roadway.

    An older man reached into the driver’s side window of the SUV and tried to grab the keys, but the driver kept going, nearly dragging the man and almost running over the woman as she lay in the road.

  • Support makes Blue Crab Festival so successful

    To the editor:

    The World Famous Blue Crab Festival would like to thank the community for its ongoing support.

    This event would not be possible without the assistance of many local businesses and hundreds of volunteers. The festival’s success is mirrored by Little River’s incessant growth, and we hope our visitors enjoyed all our wonderful community has to offer.

    We hope to see you again next year, May 18-19, 2019.


    Izzy West

  • Thanks for promoting SBIC food pantry fundraiser

    To the editor:

    I wanted to thank the Beacon for the three weeks of publishing the “Sing into Spring” South Brunswick Interchurch Council community news item. I know it helped to pack the church and helped us raise $2,817 from the love offering.

    It was a joyful few hours of diverse music. It was nice to participate and help organize this concert that now affords the food pantry to purchase 10,000 pounds of food for the South Brunswick Interchurch Council Food Pantry, according to Mary Pritchard, food pantry coordinator.