• We can’t believe we are saying it in two editorials, two weeks in a row.

    We’re handing out a “job well done” to a local agency for working to be more open and accessible to the public.

  • While it’s too early right now to know exactly how Tropical Storm Emily will develop or where she will go, it’s a good time to remind everyone hurricane season is here. Being prepared is key.

  • At last, some good news about politicians and campaign finances.

  •  Congratulations to the talented Brunswick County athletes who have secured state titles in boys Dixie baseball.

  • It’s disappointing to learn only seven of Brunswick County schools met the most recent nationally mandated Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) benchmark.

  • November may seem like it’s a long time away, but before you know it, tourists will be packing up their bags and heading out of Brunswick County and back to their homes until the next tourist season rolls around.

  • Mr. William Clyde Watts Jr., known to his CB radio friends as “Wildfire,” 70, of Winnabow, died Sunday, July 10, 2011, at Brunswick Cove Nursing Home. 

  • Finding quality healthcare in a rural community can sometimes be difficult. It’s not uncommon for people in such areas to have to travel beyond their communities to access high quality, state-of-the-art healthcare.

  • Brunswick County is a diverse community that is home to people with a lot of talents.
    Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you know you have skills that could help others, but you’re not quite sure how to put them to use.
    Are you a planner? Do you like to sort through details and comb through information before you make decisions?
    Maybe you’re a visionary. Do you dream of how things could be better in this county and do you have viable ideas you think could become reality?

  • James Stamper fatally stabbed someone 12 times.
    John Counts and John Gamble brutally murdered an 18-year-old Shallotte girl.
    Ten other men and women committed unimaginable violent murders and rapes right here in Brunswick County.
    They were all convicted.
    They were all sentenced to prison.
    And now, they are all free to live here, maybe right next door or down the street from you.

  • Brunswick County is among several eastern North Carolina counties currently experiencing a severe drought.

  • Ahh, county commissioner Charles Warren, just when we think you can’t surprise us with your antics again, you do.

    Who said politics can’t be entertaining?

  • Wayne Currie with the North Carolina Department of Transportation wants everyone to be more patient with Shallotte’s Smith Avenue extension project. 

  • If Memorial Day weekend traffic and busy beaches are indicators, it may be a strong tourist season for Brunswick County this summer.

  • Brunswick County commissioners have a tough job to do again for the upcoming fiscal year. While the economy continues to suffer, the board must determine how it can most efficiently operate county government without making too deep of cuts to essential services.

  • Cancer.

    Unfortunately, it’s likely most who read this know someone who has been affected by this horrific disease.

  • On Monday Joyce Hankins stood in front of reporters and asked for one thing. 

  • At last, warm weather has settled into the area. As the sun has warmed our spirits, it has also shown brightly on area gardens and fields.

  • Communities in Schools is a unique program that benefits students throughout Brunswick County.

  • It looks as if some officials in Calabash may have been trying to pull the wool over their constituents’ eyes.

    First, the board of commissioners illegally went into closed session March 8, when it discussed the possibility of purchasing property from commissioner Bill Dixon, who was present for the discussion. The board failed to publicly identify the property location and who owned it.

    Not only did the board go into closed session improperly, Dixon violated the town’s code of ethics by participating in the property purchase discussion.