• Sneak peek no more; get out on the water and go fishing

    The weather can be so cruel. It builds you up into a euphoric enjoyment of the outdoors, only to drop you flat on your face by way of 30-knot north winds and 40-degree temperatures.

  • Kids are little windows to the past

    The conditions were as if they were pulled straight from a fisherman’s dream. The backwater was so settled and calm it appeared to be a mirror.
    The Biersbach family, of Sunset Beach, and I loaded up the boat, putting the first ripples of life onto the surface of the water. You ever get that feeling things are too perfect and something is going to jump out of the shadows at any minute?
    We rounded the corner with the hammer down, rushing to our first area in hopes of catching a few redfish.

  • Finally, a fishing report...wahoo!

    By Barrett McMullan
    Fishing Columnist

  • Make adjustments during April showers: Be willing to move

    Our first week of great weather came to a screaming halt Friday morning. We had our first good low-pressure system dump several inches of rain on us very fast. We needed the rain, but getting it all at once can really make backwater fishing a challenge.

  • Winter finally lets go

    By Capt. Jacob Frick
    Backwater Fishing Report

  • Weather and fishing are finally getting on track

    After reading last week’s report by Capt. Barrett McMullan, I am inspired to write at new literary heights. “Far better is it to dare mighty things, though checkered with failure, than to take ranks with those poor souls who live in the quiet of darkness and thus know not the thrill of victory nor the agony of defeat.”
    Really? How can I compete with such genius? Here is my best effort, but kudos to Capt. Barrett for such strong presentation.

  • Backwater Report returns with new inshore fishing columnist

    By Cat. Jacob Frick
    Backwater Fishing Report

    Backwater fishing reports have been absent from the Brunswick Beacon for a few months with the sudden and unexpected death of well-known columnist Jeffrey Weeks.
    The Beacon has been in search of someone to take on the task that Weeks made look so easy, and now I have been offered the opportunity to write about inshore fishing.
    I grew up in the small town of Gilbert, S.C., about 35 miles southwest of Columbia, S.C.

  • Blue water trail blazers give offshore season a try

    By Barrett McMullan
    Fishing Columnist

    Capt. Brant McMullan once said, “You can’t fight the urge to fish, but you also can’t fight Mother Nature...Adapt.”
    A perfect forecast for Saturday had fishermen in a frenzy all week. All that offseason preparation business hits critical mass once an opportunity to head offshore finally surfaces. The winds were forecast to be light and variable, a fisherman’s two favorite words, and it was clear this would be the first true opportunity to make a run for the blue water.

  • There is hope, proof the fish are out there

    March is a difficult month to get past. The weather will give glimmers of hope by offering up a sunny, warm day, only to smash hope by following up with a cold, rain- soaked day.
    As a fisherman who has been experiencing cabin fever all winter, I’ve greased every reel twice and checked anything that can be checked. I am ready.

  • Prep for fishing success: Do an annual inspection

    Yes, the wind is still blowing. Last week I wrote this article in frustration, this week I’m teetering on hopelessness that we’re ever going to get back to the blue water.
    I should know better. Every year it’s the same pattern. We fishermen get antsy by the time March hits but Mother Nature still has to get all that winter out of her system, which usually takes until at least April.